29 thoughts on “What denial looks like…a request for help with the GCCF

  1. very good article, unlike all the other one’s out there that either a)write in favor of BP/GCCf or b) beat around the bush too much———–

    in the article it shows that the claimant got paid, please do a story /write up about the oilfield workers that are being denied for their claims. GCCF claims that they are denying all offshore workers because of the moratorium….the moratorium was only 33 deepwater rigs, and i can guareentee you there’s at least 2:1 if not 3:1 or more of shallow water:deep water rigs.

    the fund dishing out money to rig workers???GCRPF??? that fund is over with since 09/31/10 and was specifically for those affected by the moratorium. not only are we(oilfield workers-non-deepwater)denied by GCCF, we dont fit the criteria for GCRPF hardship grants..

    so lets recap
    : —no Emergency Advance Payment from GCCF-denied
    :—-no hardship grant from GCRPF—-not eligible
    —-no quick pay final —did not get EAP so we are not eligible
    :—they tell us to file final, which i did soon as i was denied for my EAP(NOV 11,2010)
    :—many whom received payment still have their jobs, offshorefolk??? we’ve been laid off and been off for a while—whilst the oilfield looks glum , and no one’s hiring!!!THANKS BP
    (supposedly they have 90 days to review)
    well i find out, they havent started looking at finals yet, and sinceme and others that filed final before NOV 23, (the date they swapped paperwork for claims) that 90 days is coming up , and more than likely–we’ll have to refile…they tell me im given priority for my final since i filed early, but that 90 days is just a “projected” date….i tell them they are PROJECTED….

    im guessing when my 90 days hit, im gonna get a deficiency letter, or something, and thus pushing me back another 90…FML FML…

    1. Joseph,
      I have heard the exact same speech from GCCF as you. I have even had one rep explain to me that they have to read a script to each claimant who calls in to the toll free number. I have been told about the 90 day projected waiting period and then told that they have 14 days after the 90 day period has lapsed to approve or deny you. I feel your frustration completely. I will not defend the GCCF at all. I was denied for my EAP due to lack of information, funny because 2 days after they requested the lacking info they denied me. I was never able to turn it in to be reviewed. No one has answers to any questions that you may ask, the call center is not knowledgeable on the review process, the documents or anything else unless it is written on their script. I died laughing at one person because I asked them if they are running a business or a tv show, considering they must read from a script!

    2. I have submitted with the GCCF claim form with over 400 documents and a CD and was denied. Then When I called they said they needed more information. I resubmitted and was denied in 3 days of submission. Then when I called the next time they said we were filed under the wrong category. Then we received a denial letter again. And was told to redo the claim on line which I did and fax in more supporting documents which we did within 3 days of redoing online. Just called to ask if they had the documents since they have a tendency to lose them and they can’t tell me but that my claim is under review again since I redid online and I asked can they please send the supporting documents to review so that they will actually get reviewed! I was told no, I would receive a denial letter in the mail and can call back and ask that it get rereviewed again. We are a manufacture of fiberglass fishing boats that fish off the coast. Can’t seem to get them to realize what that is. They have paid a little to our dealers, our reps, our guides but deny us! Anybody got any ideas without having to go through the procedure again with the Coast Guard side? Anybody get CNN or Fox News on this so they will follow up and dog these people to play their claims before the deadline! And yes there is a deadline of 2013, I guess they are just waiting us all out!

  2. I also received one of those letters, and I filed for quick pay at the gccf office on December 17,2010. When I went to submitt it again on the 29 the office staff said there was nothing wrong with the first one, but I still resubmitted it. And I still haven’t received my money. I know an individual that applied for quick pay on January 3,2011,and the received there payment about 4 days later.(WTF)

  3. My husband and I feel the same way. He applied at the GCCF office on the 17th, and we still haven’t received it. My father in law did his about last week and Fed-Ex arrived on Saturday. It’s like they have their picks and chooses. When I check my husband’s status it has two blocks, one saying “Full Review Received and Quick Payment received” if there is anyone out there that can tell me if this is correct please do.I’m beginning to think something is wrong with the claim.

    1. Same, I spoke to them over and over they told me everything was ok. But then I received aletter stating that some information was lost on the download and I need to resubmit the info. I you had not gotten the check or letter check your EAP section under the claim status you should find it there. They are slick why would you place a letter under this section when you know that has nothing to do with the final claim. Our file says the same thing we are a business claim. Let us know if you have been paid.

  4. I received a phone call from the processing team this morning, after I submitted an email specifically to them last week, and I was informed that final payment claims have not even been processed yet and to give them until Feb to begin processing. This will put my claim in for 60 days before they even open my files, then to top it off I read the speech from Feinberg who verified that his agency has not began processing claims. It is amazing, I know exactly what they are hoping for. They want everyone to take the quick payment. Well, they did not offer me the quick payment (although I would not have taken it) because I was originally denied and I am sure that they will find some reason to deny me once again; even though, they have every shred of my documents this go around. They want to threatened fraudulent charges on the claimants when they are the frauds!!!! I am at my wits-end with GCCF, BP, and OBAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I am also a small buisness owner and got the same letter.I am wondering if I should expect a third letter now at the end of my 14 days from when the last letter was mailed.I bet I do get one and when I do I am going to raise cane.They should have never sent us the final claim papers if they were not going to pay us. Now what do I do if I get the papers again? Now I wish I would have never signed the final claim form again.I cant help but to wonder if I did the wrong thing by sending it in both times.

    1. I recevied this letter tody 8-11-11 and file my quick pay on 7-29-11 The third party investigating came out in may of 2011 and said everything look good and investigation was done
      Dear Claimant:
      The Gulf Coast Claims Facility (the “GCCF”) is the official way for Individuals and Businesses to file claims
      for costs and damages incurred as a result of the oil discharges due to the Deepwater Horizon Incident on
      April 20, 2010. The GCCF and its Claims Administrator, Kenneth R. Feinberg, act for and on behalf of BP
      Exploration & Production, Inc. (“BP”) in fulfilling BP’s statutory obligations as a “responsible party” under
      the Oil Pollution Act of 1990. You have the right to consult with an attorney of your choosing before
      accepting any settlement or signing a release of legal rights.
      The GCCF has received your Quick Payment Final Claim Form and Release. After investigating certain
      aspects of the documents and information that you previously provided to us relating to your Emergency
      Advance Payment claim, we have determined that there is insufficient reliable evidence to support your
      Quick Payment claim and that further investigation is required. Accordingly, your Quick Payment Final
      Claim and Release cannot be accepted and will not be paid at this time.
      If this letter has crossed in the mail with a payment you received in connection with your Quick Payment
      Final Claim, then the investigation has concluded and the GCCF has determined that your claim is eligible
      for payment, and you may disregard this letter.
      If you have questions about anything contained in this letter, contact the GCCF toll free at 1-
      800-916-4893 (you will be prompted for multilingual telephone assistance), email at info@gccfclaims.
      com or visit http://www.GulfCoastClaimsFacility.com. For TTY assistance call 1-866-682-
      1758. Please be sure to provide your Claimant Identification Number, as well as your full name, your
      address and the last four digits of your Social Security Number or Taxpayer ID in all correspondence with
      the GCCF.
      Kenneth R. Feinberg
      Claims Administrator
      Gulf Coast Claims Facility
      P.O. BOX 9658 | Dublin, OH 43017-4958 | Toll-Free: 1-800-916-4893 | Fax: 1-866-682-1772 | info@gccf-claims.com

  6. I filed a claim with GCCF on September 10th. My claim remains under review after over four months! The call center has no useful information and cannot help me. I was told by a GCCF call center supervisor that the time for EAP has passed and I need to file for an interim or final payment,(I don’t qualify for a quick payment b/c I did not recieve an EAP). So how stupid is that? B/c they let my claim sit there for four months, It is too late for me to get an EAP! I work on the beach cleaning condos on Pensacola Beach every summer I was unable to work at all in 2010. This just doesn’t make any since to me.

  7. Dont let them lie to you, your claim only has to sit in thier lap 90 days FROM THE TIME IT WAS RECEIVED by them. Not from when they decided to start looking at them,,ie: DEC 15….they will try that but its not legal. If after 90 days, and it will be for a final claim no matter when it was submitted….file with the Coast Guard, at least thier turn around time is 60 days more , not another 4 months like GCCF. Like others have said, theyy are stalling to put financial pressure on those in need to take the quick payment, that will save BP, GCCF, and Feinberg billions. Id rather starve than give in myself.

  8. I was denied EAP because the person who reviewed my claim stated my nature of work was listed as a vending machine comp i worked for a Offshore Well Service after stating all documents show oilfeild worker my reason for denial for payments now shows reason to be posted shortley this has been since DECEMBER has anyone else had this problem ~ helpless n louisiana

    1. I have had the same problem. I was denied for EAP b/c they incorrected stated my nature of work. I called them to claify and just like your status mine now reads ‘reason to be posted shortly’. My husband and I both work for the same company and perform just about the same job duties and he was approved for the EAP and has received his Quick Payment already. I’m wondering if this is the case with any other married couples who have filed a claim. However, unlike, my husband I never had any intentions on accepting a Quick Payment Option.

  9. I like to say the gccf is full of u know what. I”ll been lied to every time i call, u can call an ask somthing, an call back and get a differnt answer. I think bp just like terrorist. they shouldn’t be allowed in the us. they destoryed a lot of lives. The ceo quits after this all happens, why? Go back bp where ya came from. obama u need to do somthing. its like 911 help the usa an louisiana people man. thanks bp for no jobs!!!

  10. this for mr feinberg i file a claim with the gccf in i was denied i file a claim because i was babysitting my newphew for a little over two years in you all denied me but you approve the person i was babysitting for i think that you are the people you got working for you don’t know what you all are doing one of my friends filed the same claim for babysitting in your people approved her that was so unfair bp shouldn’t have put you in charge i lose my house because that’s how i made my living in i also was working at freds in i want to know if i can file that you need to get in touch with me asap

  11. ok so the gccf has received my quick pay since 12-29-10 on 01-21-11 i received a letter stating i had a lien and if i wanted to proceed with the claim please sign below and they would send me the remainder of my funds now on 2-4-11 myself and 18 others i know receive this letter that states at this time your quick pay will not be paid because we found some insufficient unreliable documents regarding your emergency advance payment..what the hell.. now all 19 of us have been waiting over their 14 day protocol so why did we all receive this letter on the same day and when i went to the claims site to ask about the letter there was about another 40 people there who had received the same letter and all of our claims were past the 14 day mark. why did we receive this? has anyone else received this letter? they are full of you know what i thought we had to go through no additional review process now they say its under review they lied to get people to take this quick fix like we some kinda junkie.

    1. My husband got the same letter. he too filed on december 29 for his quick pay. PLease email me at gs8510@att.com. and i will tell you what that means for you. it’s not good.

      1. I just received a call from the processing team and was told that until every last one of me documents that I sent in is gone through with a fine tooth comb I will not be paid a quick payment. I was also told my claim is in the payment processing dept and they are the ones doing the investigation. They say their even going to call me bank and make sure my statements I sent in are good. What is really going on? All my papers are good so who gives them the right to go through my bank? They have no time frame on this investigation. Gccf is playing with us I should have just went for the full instead of opting for a so called quick pay. I wonder what’s next.

      2. I don’t know how any entity can get your bank records without your authority or a court order. Did you sign anything giving them authority to get the bank records? You should go to your local branch and ask how the GCCF is getting access to your accounts and see if you can find out if the GCCF is doing this to others.

  12. They don’t have authority to go in my bank that’s what the rep at gccf said they were going to do. They meaning guidepost the company doing the investigation. This is ridiculous.

    1. You need to ask the GCCF (I would go to the local office if you can) how the Guidepost company is going to access your account without your permission, contact your bank and tell them you want to be notified if someone tries to access your account and contact your state attorney general about the matter. Too many individuals are having access to our private and financial records thanks to BP and GCCF.

      Also bring to the attention of your Attorney General (and any elected official you can get in touch with) that the GCCF site states:

      $ 5,000 for Individuals
      $25,000 for Businesses
      If you previously received an Emergency Advance Payment you may choose to submit a Final Claim requesting a Quick Payment of $5,000 if you are an individual claimant, or $25,000 if you are a business claimant. This Quick Payment Final Claim option provides you with an automatic payment with no further review or requirement for additional supporting documentation.

      Notice it states “AUTOMATIC PAYMENT WITH NO FURTHER RIVIEW” – seems like looking at your bank records again is further review. If they didn’t mean to pay the quick claims withour further review, they should not have offered them this way.

  13. Guide Post Solutions is a company that the GCCF has hired to investigate Fraud. Neither Guide Post Solutions nor GCCF should be reviewing anything because according to the legal agreement you signed for the Quick Payment there would be no further review. Boy did they lie again!

  14. Filed my final payment claim on June 29, 2011 and have not received a decision yet. They do not want to pay business claims. based on their calculations my business should receive over 200,000.00 I just do not see them doing the right thing here, but Ken F. is making over one million a month WoW.. Once again Louisiana is getting kick in the ass. Were is Anderson Cooper, Bobby Jenny Jendai. and all the media we had a year ago, if you have documentaion, you should get a check that simple… We have been @ this for over a year and a half. So disrepectful.

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