11 thoughts on “Where there’s smoke…there’s Feinberg

  1. This is so true. My husbands coworker was paid within 3 weeks of filing his EAP with very little proof. My husband sent in substantial proof and he still has not got paid. We had to hire an attorney. There is no rhyme or reason to their methods…. and no one is police-ing these people. Its like Feinberg is his own government and we are mute slaves.

    1. mainstream, national media? We haven’t gotten get real news from MSM for years now. They have become the handmaidens of the oligarchy and are members of The Village (DC).

      1. Agreed…I’ve actually written abot this in the past and as a person with a communications degree, I’ve studied it. When Clinton allowed media consolidation back in 93, it was the beginning of the end…yet, I still hope…


    2. I believe local governments who have already received large sums of money for lost tourism is keeping the local problems mute. They want out of towners to believe everything is kosher and everyone is moving on.

      We locals are losing everything we own, our homes, our vehicles, our jobs/businesses, and I cannot even begin to tell you drain of the emotional strain has been on everyone. But you cant get compensated for the emotional distress. I wonder how many people just contemplate taking their lives on a daily basis since the oil spill and the ongoing lies and delay of claims being paid. God knows the thought has crossed my mind. 90 days since we filed our EAP….. and no word. Where do you go from here.

      1. “Where do we go from here”

        That indeed is the question and one without a whole lot of answers. Local politicians, beat in their door and make them beat in the door of state politicians and on up. Your community…band together. If you have faith…believe. Most importantly, as a social worker writing this…if the depression gets that bad, talk about it, do not hide it…seek help. As long as you are alive there is still something that can be done, things that haven’t been thought of yet…and practically, get a lawyer to help.

        I wish there were more for me to say about this…I really do…but my thoughts are with you, sincerely.

  2. I do not know my reason for denial nothing specific nobody can answer my question the letter I received was a generic letter everyone receives. I hope and pray I don’t get denied my final. All these reports are coming out are far worse than the sugar coating BS they are trying to do! Our coast IS not safe why in the hell are they letting people fish in the waters? OMG what are the affects of eating the fish going to be on our health?

    1. Agreed and worried…best case scenarios from the government and their agencies allow for the profits to continue short-term, but on the long term…nobody knows and few are questioning…


  3. The mood of the US citizenry is full of anger with our government, Wall Street and corporations like BP that take the resources of the USA and offer environmental and economic damages in return, all the while being granted tax free profits.

    The only reason the GCCF administrator has been getting away with the lies, stalling and shortchanging behavior is because 70% or more of the people in the US, including the Gulf Coast communities have been turned into sheep.

    Ken Feinberg is doing the best job possible for his client BP. The actions taken by the GCCF Administrator over the past five months, (yes even before the GCCF took over the process) was to attempt to direct the blame toward him instead of BP. Unfortunately for Claimants involved in the process, Mr. Feinberg has zero interest in being fair or just, especially when an individual or business has the proper documentation and their claims pass the $100K mark.

    With a glowing letter of support for the Feinberg claims process offered by a friend and fellow NYU law school professor, Stephen Gillers, Mr. Feinberg is actively seeking support from the media, Washington DC and BP. He could care less what the people of the Gulf Coast want, or believe.

    President Obama & BP are happy with the GCCF process claiming the process is still young and adapting to the evironment as needed.

    Hopefully most of the claims are settled realistically before Feinberg gets a taste for lamb, and decimates the lives and businesses in the GOM.

  4. So what most of you don’t know is that a contract company names Worley who gas several politicians in their pocket were the ones who BP used. When taken and given to GCCF, the same people remained to work these claims. The ones in the offices you visit are still Worley who make from $450 up per day. These people have NO experience in this type of claim and are told daily what is new. Ohio did for a while hire some people to answer the phones but now good ole Worley people are answering. To top it off, those investigators they are looking for fraudulent activity are a bunch of retired FEDS who will bust you for nothing just like they did when they worked for the government. Its all a big government coverup.

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