7 thoughts on “Final Payment Averages Going Down…

  1. enough with the gccf, get a lawyer and let them deal with it … we now want money for the headache you put us through.

  2. Finally someone I personally know got an offer. He was told his business had no loss, so they offered him the $25,000. He did get an EAP from GCCF last year. The calculation of how they arrived at “no loss” was shown in a PDF file he could see when he logged into his claim on the GCCF website. His status still shows “received” but there is another link to review offer.

    When he looked at the figures, he was shocked to find they were completely made up. None of the figures they used were figures that were included in his documentation. He called the Ohio office and was told he would have to meet with a GCCF accountant, one that travels from local office to local office. They were to schedule meeting for later this week, I’ll find out if the meeting actually happens.

    On a side note, he didn’t even submit his claim until mid February, so the idea processing claims in order of receipt is a lie.

    I wonder what the odds are in Vegas that someone, anyone, will step in and say “To Hell with you, Feinberg. Checks go out TODAY. And they will be checks for real money, not just enough to pay the electric bill.” I should place a wager (against it happening), my winnings are bound to be more than a final offer. I bet those people with bogus Super Bowl tickets got a better payoff than most claimants will.

    I’ll post an update to my friends meeting this week, if it happens or not.

    1. Thanks for the update, and I wish I could say this is the first time that somone has questioned the figures the GCCF has come up with in determining a claim. Due to the low amount averages of the final claims offers, it would seem apparent the GCCF is not doing these claims in the order that they are received, but in the order of ease… Meaning, when larger businesses start getting these offers, the averages will probably go up…all conjecture of course. Please, keep us all updated and thanks…


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  4. I received my “final offer” over 5 weeks ago. Having no other choice, I accepted their measly offer and was promised payment in 14 days. I am still waiting after over 5 weeks for my payment. Have called them dozens of times and gotten no specific reason for delay and no expectation of when payment can be expected . They are arrogant and heartless monsters created by a greedy system. The whole process is maddening. Some poor soul will lose it in the near future, and violence will be the result. Then everyone will act surprised that someone could reach such a point of desperation. There are special places in Hell for corporate and attorney types.

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