4 thoughts on “Feinberg Finds a Friend…Harlon Pearce

  1. If we all got treated like Omega Protien we could pull this thing together. The board needs to ditch Mr. Pearce. In the good ole days someone would have landed him a good one squarge on the jaw. This is a story, and it does not need to be sold. And the fishemen want to sell seafood, just as they wanted to last year but couldn’t thanks to BP. So now they want to be paid. GCCF & BP are the ones that need to pull “this thing” together. After all, BP is the one that created “this thing.”

    Oh, and if some are acting like victims, well, they ARE victims. What the hell are they supposed to act like, lottery winners? Pay them like Omega got paid and they will go away.

    Funny how BP is spending millions to advertise that the Gulf is near perfect and they are making it right, then when a victim says “OK, here I am, make it right” they get all defensive and pi**ed off.

    1. Agreed, I don’t know why it continues to surprise me, but the seeming dismissive air Feinberg will often display when confronted by real people with real problems, problems he is supposed to be supportive regarding is the wrong track to take. As far as Pearce, with his talk of acting like “victims” struck me as ridiculous, and just plain wrong. It’s akin to Feinberg today releasing that he has referred 7000 people for fraud, 7000 out of 450,000. In the scheme of things disaster related, that is an amazingly low amount, especially when you take into account how many hundreds of thousands of people he has denied outright, yet the number is released as some sort of vindication…


  2. Pearce has a lot of fucking nerve lecturing the fisherman while simultaneously sucking Feinberg’s dick.

    There are two kinds of people in this game…those that getting paid by BP and those who getting fucked by BP. Pearce is certainly not the latter.

    1. Agreed…when I read what he had to say, I had to read it again just to make sure I wasn’t mistaken…but I suppose, what do you expect from someone in charge of promotion…facts and common sense?

      – Drake

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