Economy versus environment…the oil spill fine…

Frack you...

I know I’m cynical, I get it…I admit it, but when you spend any time reading the science and the journals and watching the documentaries about climate change, fracking, even peak oil…hope ceases to really be your specialty…

It’s more two parts grim reality, one part enjoy the party while you can.

Anyways, this might explain why, when it comes to the money, the between 5.4 and 21 billion British Petroleum will have to pay to the Gulf Coast, my cynicism rears its ugly head and my doubts on much of this being used for wetlands restoration, essentially the rebuilding of Southern Louisiana become quite apparent.

I foresee businesses getting bolstered, especially out-of-state businesses being paid to rebuild parts of the Gulf Coast, focused on political pet projects that will siphon off dollar after dollar until there’s little left for the land and the people hardest hit by the spill, leaving them to get fucked even worse by the congressional negotiations than they did by BP and the GCCF…

The big picture will remain just that, a picture, a nice idea…quaint, and largely forgotten while Trent Lott gets his mansion rebuilt, or BP somehow schemes upgrades on their oil rigs from its own damned fine money.

From the article:

“A bill from Sen. Mary Landrieu, D-La., would require that 60 percent of the Gulf’s portion of the fine money be spent only on environmental restoration. Landrieu’s bill has garnered no cosponsors outside of Louisiana.

Last month, Bonner filed his own bill to redirect most of the fine money to the Gulf, with no such restrictions on whether it is spent on environmental or economic restoration. His proposal attracted more than a dozen lawmakers from Alabama, Florida, Mississippi and Texas as cosponsors — but none from Louisiana.”

Yeah, something like that…but on the bright side, Florida Governor Rick Scott will probably just turn down any money due his state because he’ll figure it came from Obama, or because he don’t need no stinking bailout money and also of course, because he’s an idiot…so, more for everybody else.

Read the article:

Jo Bonner: Gulf of Mexico oil spill fine agreement likely months away

Have a nice day.

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