3 thoughts on “Ken says he already has enough oversight…again

  1. More F*** You from Feinberg on GCCF site today: http://www.gulfcoastclaimsfacility.com/methodology_B

    They don’t need oversight? They “accepted” my covenant not to sue July 20. August 17 and I still don’t have a check. 14 days my ass. I have called the toll free number, research specialist, my claims specialist and been to my local office. Every time I call I have been told my paper work is all good, nothing on my end that is wrong. They act surprised that a check has not been released yet. But all they can say is it should be released by next week. So they have my promise not to sue and I have nothing. I know most of us hate attorneys, but I swear I wish I had went to one when GCCF first sent me the determination letter, offering the quick pay amount. I have absolutely no way or person to contact to find out what the hold up is, get lied to everyday, and they have my promise not to sue.

    Hell no, Feinberg & gang don’t need oversight.

    1. Unfortunately, yours is a story heard too often…

      Took a look at Feinberg’s new rules…on first glance, it sure looks like a way to #1. Continue to force people away from interim payments and into final payments so they sign the waiver not to sue, #2. Help ensure that BP doesn’t have to pay for continued resistance to the purchase of Gulf seafood..IE that 5% growth rate. Hard to grow when nobody buys your product and finally #3. The unemployment average is 22 weeks? Really? Does that take into account the people who have stopped looking…another way to screw the unemployed…especially when an entire industry and culture has been shaken like it has in the Gulf.

      No, Feinberg certainly needs no oversight whatsoever…


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