Saints vs. Detroit, Robocop and Nazi Sympathizers…

So much better than a swastika...

Did you hear an internet group in Michigan has raised over $63,000 dollars to put a statue of Robocop in downtown Detroit?

No, I’m not kidding.

It’s completely true, and a fantastic idea. If not familiar with the Robocop legend, allow me to so inform: Robocop is a cyborg police officer who not only was a one man wrecking crew in stopping crime all over Old Detroit, but he was a robot who so touchingly, was able to retain some of his humanity, his affectionate feelings for his wife and son while he pulled guns of varying sizes and blasted his way through Dick Jones of the evil Omni Consumer Products Company (OCP) and all his henchmen, especially that entertaining, but utter rat bastard Clarence Boddicker, (“guns, guns, guns…”) who was responsible for killing Officer Murphy in the first place, before Murphy got all wired up and transformed into Robocop.

So yeah, Robocop saved a city, he saved men, women and children and taught us all a lesson about the evils of corporate privatization, so of course he needs a statue in Mayor Bing’s new plans to revitalize Detroit. To not so do would be a crime against justice and humanity.

Yet Mayor Bing will not commit.

Nope, but I bet you can guess what guy will get a statue in Detroit, hands down…guaranteed.

Yeah, the guy responsible for putting out the Dearborn Independent newspaper, the guy whose anti-Semitic, collected writings in that newspaper were put together in a book called “The International Jew,” the guy Adolf Hitler mentioned in Mein Kampf and considered an inspiration, who Heinrich Himmler referred to as “one of our most valuable, important and witty fighters.”

Henry Ford. 

Oh sure, he’ll get a statue.

Henry Ford, the same man who in 1938 received the award of the Grand Cross of the German Eagle, the highest award Nazi Germany could give to a foreigner.

Henry Ford, the man whose writings, whose book “The International Jew,” was said by convicted Hitler Youth leader, Balder von Schirach who deported 65,000 jews to concentration camps in Poland, to be the “decisive anti-Semitic book I was reading and the book that influenced my comrades…I read it and became anti-Semitic. The book made a great influence on myself and my friends because we saw in Henry Ford the representative of success and also the representative of a progressive social policy.”

Yeah, Ford’ll get a statue…but not Robocop.

Giving Robocop a statue would be absolutely ridiculous, a farce, silly and an insult…but an insult to who?

The American Nazi Party? Aryan Nations, Idaho and Montana?

I don’t get it, but with this in mind, the New Orleans Saints will welcome the Detroit Lions into the Superdome.

The Lions, without their master of personal restraint, Ndamukong Suh, will try and fail to win this game and the Saints will quickly send this team, representative of a town with such misplaced priorities, secret history and a really poor choice in statues back to their fabled Old Detroit, and back to cohabitation with the most evil team in hockey, the Red Wings…

Who dat sey dey gonna beat dem Saints?

Not Henry Ford, not Ndamukong Suh, not the Lions…and certainly not a city who so casually dismisses the greatness that is Robocop in favor of a Nazi sympathizer…

No way.

Enjoy the game! Go Saints!

Have a nice day.

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