2 thoughts on “Fast and furious…$25 billion dollars, and Barbier and Buddy change their minds…

  1. I am currently paying my attorney a percentage of the interim payments I have been getting from the GCCF. I had to hire an attorney because I was denied several times by the GCCF. My attorney was able to get my interims paid. This same attorney that represents me that I am already paying a percentage from my claims is also on the MDL committee, and representing me in the MDL. So now, I not only have to pay my attorney the percentage they are already taking from my claim but an additional 6%? And if we win the MDL, I am sure there again a percentage will be taken from that, so what the hell is this order for specifically, if the claimants who have hired attorneys in their claim and MDL process are already paying them out of their claims, having to pay them again? Can someone explain to me in simpler terms why they are double dipping?

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