4 thoughts on “Didn’t you hear BP has settled? That’s right, you can go away now…

  1. And when indigent children begin to show the signs of leukemia who will pay for their care? There is a reason bp wanted to settle rather than drag it out like exxon did. They learned that cancer would result and your damn corexit’s known cancer causing aromatic hydrocarbons will make it so much worse. Perhaps at least they will stop spraying now. Greg Palast also revealed it was bp that was responsible for containment equipment that wasn’t on hand and the workers who had been fired in Prince William Sound. So they get away on the cheap again. And may I answer the question I first posed? I am and you are going to pay for cancer care for the unfortunate folks who are no longer able to work or buy insurance.

    I encourage everyone to read Palast’s “Vulture’s Picnic.” There’s still more to this nightmare story.

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