6 thoughts on “Hey Ken, don’t let the door hit ya in the…

  1. good job drake I swear I could not have said it better but we do not need or want an apology we want feinberg brought up on charges or stripped of his pay at least he hurt real americans can he bring my life long freind back or get my first mate wife not to divoice him so his(feinberg) punisment should be just as harsh to him and bp it was a joke after all it was they’re gross negligent that caused this mess but back to you pls keep up the good works tight line to all

  2. Thanks man, and best of luck to you and your family…I could only dream of charges for BP and Feinberg, though I wonder…whatever happened to the Fed’s GCCF audit?


  3. it is supposed to be out by the end of the month my lawyer is on board to see what can be done with the traitor will try to keep you posted but if it come out the way we think it will then there will be a big push to sue for lawyer fees thanks again

  4. Thank u. And its not only our health but its hit us really hard on in the pocket also. I can go on and on about the BP. I want the big man from BP to live down here and raise 3 kids 9,7,and 3 paying 400.00 dollar trailer note 150 lot note , 200+ dollars light bill car ins 70.00 and a van note that was 400.00 and provide gas in the van to take the kids where they need to go like uhh the dr.that right there is a 100.00 round trip to town hr and a few mins there and then the hr back home. Just them basic bills r more then our monthly income.my husband has searched and seached for work and noone calls back all the work down here is in the gulf.I want him to live like that and not bring in over 400.00 a month some months we get lucky and bring in maybe a grand. what we got from bp lots of stress and NO MONEY!!! I wonder how many times he told his babies NO. Mine gets told NO

  5. On a DAILY basis. That’s BULL SHIT. I have never in my life pictured this life as a parent. And something needs to be done.I got DENIED AGAIN from BP.Enough is enough.

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