Well, that explains a lot…

The original horse whisperer…

Much like Sarah Palin or Ann Coulter, whenever Michael Brown pops up in the news, on a radio or television station, my first response is typically “Umm, why the fuck are we supposed to care what you think about, well, anything?”

I mean, Sarah was a shit governor nominated on a lark in a losing presidential campaign, who became even more famous for being an idiot. Ann Coulter is like the kid who raises her hand in class and says “Fag” or “Retard” and then looks quickly around at the attention she receives, taking her classmates giggles as an affirmation of what she consider her amazing wit. Ann’s essential argument for ten years can be basically summed up as “Liberals suck,” same as Sarah just throws out “Maverick” for the thousandth time and then off camera, listens enraptured as her handlers compliment her for her amazing insight, again.

And then there is Michael Brown.

The man who, in tandem with Bush, proceeded to oversee one of the most inept disaster responses in human history which left untold numbers to suffer while he focused on his hairstyle and clothing choices.

So, why the hell is this guy being asked about Hurricane Sandy at all?

Michael Brown: Obama could have “gotten more mileage” by delaying disaster relief


Yeah, that might explain it.

Perhaps we should let the man tell it himself:

“Politically, he went out too soon…He could have just made a comment while he was in Florida that says, ‘You know my FEMA director is on top of this and we’re gonna do everything we can when the states ask us to come in and help.’ Boom.” He then added further, “He would have been better served politically to let everybody else—Bloomberg, Christie, Cuomo, O’Donnell [sic] – all of them make whatever statements they were going to make. Call for their evacuations…and then he could have stepped up, very presidentially, and said, ‘And by the way, I have instructed my FEMA director to give the states whatever they need as the storm approaches.’ I think he would have gotten more mileage out of it. In other words, he peaked too soon.”


More mileage.

Obama peaked too soon.

The long and short: Rather than Barack Obama getting things up and running in an attempt to ensure as much was in place as possible, to alleviate as much suffering as possible, he should have waited because politically it would have made him look more presidential? Not only do I not even get the logic of this argument, I’m hard pressed to explain the morality of anyone who might delay relief efforts for a better(?) political appearance.

Moral, like GW Bush, Cheney and Mr. Brown.

So okay, maybe I do get the value of letting Brown continue to speak. Every time he does, I come to a better understanding of what the hell happened during Katrina and how much of a shame it is these people still walk free while others still wonder if they will ever get home.


Have a nice day.

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