Bobby Jindal’s Political Ambitions, Very Desperate

Hey Blanco, take your state back, I want to be President

Bobby, Bobby, Bobby…

Look man, we all realize that your Presidential aspirations are drowning in oil and you have a strong urge, a need to do something, now, right now. I get it and when you first brought up the whole sand berm approach I was all for it and all for you telling the government to piss off, you were going to do it no matter what they said because you care about the Gulf Coast. I was totally in your corner…

But then something happened.

I read the details and read why the Army Corps of Engineers and all the scientists didn’t want you building the sand berms, namely they will take far too long to build to be of any effect, that they could actually funnel more oil into the marshes and it will lead to even further erosion of the already eroding coast.

But you’re going to do it anyway…asshole.

Jarvis DeBerry in another great column in the Times Picayune goes on to discuss Bobby’s cherry-picking of scientific evidence; he writes of how he uses science to support his disagreement with Obama about drilling moratoriums, but then completely ignores it when it comes to the sand berms.

As Jarvis comments, Bobby…your need to appear to be doing something is getting in the way of doing the right thing. Louisiana public officials have been ignoring science for years and it’s how you all got into this coastal mess in the first place, not just the British Petroleum Catastraphuk in the Gulf, but the flooding during Katrina, the massive coastal erosion, the MR-GO. Bobby, don’t make the same mistakes of everybody who came before you.

Use your head, not your ambition.

If you want to be seen as doing something, how about activating the 6000 National Guard troops you have at your disposal to help fight the oil?

Read another excellent column from Jarvis Deberry of the New Orleans Times-Picayune:

In Louisiana, politics keeps getting in the way of science

Have a nice day.

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