Why does anyone have to demand safety equipment from BP?

Tony Hayward at most recent board meeting

“President Obama and the federal government must demand that BP allow every cleanup worker who wants to wear repiratory protective equipment to do so – and ensure that workers get the equipment and training they need to do their jobs safely.”

This is a quote from an article by Ryan Grim in HuffingtonPost and it begs a coupla questions:

1. If British Petroleum cares about the people and workers in the Gulf Coast as they so claim, and claim often, why is it necessary to demand anything having to do with safety?

2. We’ve been hearing these rumblings for a while now about a lack of safety equipment: this is day 80. Why the hell do they still not have suits and respirators? Day 80?

3. I forget, who the hell is in charge down there?

Oh yeah, the Public Relations Department for British Petroleum. I think the only ones who should be demanding safety equipment are the upper management and executives from BP, after we yank them from their homes and put them to work sifting sand all day, every day…naked, with no sunscreen permitted, let alone a respirator.

So if you’re out there and you run into any BP employees, especially in the PR department, please, for god’s sakes don’t forget to wear ur hazmat suit…you’re going to need it.

Read on:

Louisiana Waterman Demand Proper Safety Equipment in Gulf Oil Cleanup

Have a good day.

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