Shouldn’t Underestimate the Gulf Coast Residents

little people

Gulf Coat residents are heartbroken…yes, desperate…yes, but willing to stop fighting? Not a chance.

Corporate jackass’s like BP and Obama all play the same game at every tragedy. They promise to make everything right, right up until the cameras disappear, then they slink away into the shadows cast by their ridiculously large egos. But as Kathleen Koch reminds, the residents of the Gulf Coast fought back after Katrina…and they will fight again…keep on, keeping on.

BP ain’t walking away from this one, and not because they feel responsible, but because they won’t be allowed to, and it isn’t the government that will keep them honest, it’s the “little people.”

People like Kindra Arnesen.

Nobody is powerless, unless they give up or want to be. Yeah, I said that – and my cynicism knows no bounds. Want some motivations? Try this: 900 barrels of oil skimmed over 77 days. Jesus Christ, I could do that with a  friend and a rowboat and this is all the skimming BP has done while dropping almost two million gallons of toxic dispersal chemicals that drives the oil underwater, only for it to resurface later…potentially, years later.

That’s their cleanup, that and dumping sand…we need a whole lotta “little people” holding BP accountable with whatever we got. This isn’t only a fight for Gulf Coast residents who will never give up, this is a fight for the whole country, for the health of our whole nation. If they’ll do it to Louisiana, they’ll do it to you, too…

So do your job, BP, the right way…the nation’s watching, even when the President appears not to be.

Read this column:

BP and Anyone Else Underestimates Gulf Coast residents at their Peril

And then,

Have a nice day.

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