Whadda Ya Mean, Extinction Level Event?…the BP Nightmare, Sleep Well Kiddies…

Dead, you're all dead...

So did you hear the one about the giant methane bubble and the explosion that could kill us all? How about the Ryskin Methane Extinction Theory or the deadly poison clouds of benzene, methane and the tsunami that will wash up to two hundred miles ashore from Texas to Florida?

You haven’t?

Well, if you don’t want to you might want to stop reading this now…

For those of you still here, check this out:

According to an article by Terrence Aym, BP may have begun the chain reaction of events by drilling so deep into the sea floor that they hit a methane nerve, one that even now is burgeoning, raising the seabed and sometime in the next six months or so will release a methane gas cloud so large, and so weighted down by water in the atmosphere that the poisonous gas will kill life as we know it. He cites a number of proofs to this theory, one of them being the Ryskin Methane Extinction Theory that posits this release of methane happens every once in a 100,000,000 million years or so on the planet and kills off all life in a mass extinction event and with the drilling by BP, we now have cracks in the ocean floor that are releasing oil, but also large quantities of methane causing the sea floor to bulge, creating fissures that have gone miles deep, tapping into the huge methane depository deep underneath the Gulf of Mexico’s seabed. BP admits to having difficulty controlling the release of methane from this well and it is a release of methane that caused the Deepwater Horizon to explode. He also cites an extreme rise in methane pressure at the Macondo site and a 100 kilometer gash found by the Thomas Jefferson research ship 10 miles from the busted wellhead. BP is keeping reporters away, why? The NOAA is concealing their data, why? Methane levels are one million times higher than normal in the Gulf of Mexico, why? If the methane bubble, possibly twenty kilometers wide, he posits were to burst, some of the results would be:

The ocean bottom will collapse, instantaneously displacing up to a trillion cubic feet of water or more and creating a towering supersonic tsunami annihilating everything along the coast and well inland. Like a thermonuclear blast, a high pressure atmospheric wave could precede the tidal wave flattening everything in its path before the water arrives. When the roaring tsunami does arrive it will scrub away all that is left.

True? Just a conspiracy theory? How the hell do I know? I’m just a social worker.

Read the article, go on…read it…

Go on…

Doomsday: How BP Gulf Disaster May Have Triggered a World Killing Event

And if that one grabs ya, also read this article by Ruvy, who cites numerous sources trending the same theme as the preceding article, that of the theory that we are all dead, and just don’t know it yet.

The extinction Level Event Nobody Seems to Want to Talk about

That’s it for me tonight…

Sleep well…

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