Before We Get Too Happy With Ourselves BP, Take A Look At Raccoon Island

Is that Doug Suttles Boat? What a great sight

In one of the largest nesting areas for seabird off the Louisiana Coast, the oil has come ashore. At least 300 brown pelicans and hundreds of terns have been seen with everything from spots of oil to complete coverage…all of it fatal as even spots prevent the birds from regulating their body temperature. These bird are not reflected in the federal count of killed wildlife because they have not been collected, something that must be done to make their doom official. This is beneficial in two ways as it allows the federal government to keep the wildlife death rate low, and it also allows BP executives to sleep better at night, something they desperately need after a full day of fighting oil slicks.

Oil hit Raccoon island on July 10th, but unlike a spill such as the Exxon Valdez where the oil pays only one visit – BP, with its use of dispersants has assured that the initial wave of oil pushed ashore by Hurricane Alex will only be one of many more to come.

So, Mr. Scott Dudley, I am sure that you and all of your BP executive buddies who referred to the halt of oil today as a “great sight” are excited and everything, but take a look around…a real look.

“Great sight” is not a term to use in relation to anything in this mess of your creation. Just ask a fisherman, or a dead pelican…ass.

Read the story…

Oil Hits Louisiana’s Largest Pelican-Nesting Area, On Raccoon Island

Have a nice day now…


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