BP Silencing Scientists in the Gulf Coast, Hiring Them For Legal Defense

BP is Priceless

The Mobile Press-Register reported today that for the past three weeks, British Petroleum has been making the rounds to top universities in the Gulf Region offering scientists lucrative contracts and signing bonuses to become part of BP’s legal defense team.  The company has approached scientists at Louisiana State, Mississippi State and Texas A&M Universities among others, and many scientists, with their lab’s government funding so minimal, have been accepting these offers. The newspaper obtained a copy of a BP contract and by accepting this agreement, scientists also agree that over the next three years, they will not publish their research, share it with other scientists or speak about the data they collect. 

Once again, British Petroleum being unable to control the oil slicks, turns their focus towards controlling the information. 

According to the article, BP tried to hire the entire marine sciences department at one Alabama University. “We told them there was no way we would agree to any kind of restrictions on the data we collect. It was pretty clear we wouldn’t be hearing from them again after that,” said Bob Shipp, head of marine sciences at the University of South Alabama. “We didn’t like the perception of the university representing BP in any fashion.” 

“It makes me feel like they were more interested in making sure we couldn’t testify against them than in having us testify for them,” said George Crozier, head of the Dauphin Island Sea Lab, who was approached by BP. 

Area scientists said the offers have already hindered research developments in the Gulf Coast area. 

British Petroleum of course declined to comment for the article, suggesting only to people if they had any questions, they could go read Machiavelli’s “The Prince.” 

BP is ridiculous. 

Bottom lines and shareholders are the focus of this Gulf Coast operation and anyone who says differently is lying. Protection of assets, opposition to the free flow of information, the kind of information that might actually come up with ideas or solutions; this the goal.  

How is it BP expects people to extend them any sense of trust, and why is the government so trusting still? 

Sure, smart move on BP’s part to make this attempt at corrupting the Gulf Coast’s scientists, I get it, it is very Machiavellian of them and in some respects, I can appreciate Machiavellian from a tactical standpoint, but that doesn’t mean the guy wasn’t a self-serving asshole who didn’t care about people, often using them against themselves for the benefit of his own wealth…you know, kind of like BP. 


Read the full article: 

BP Buys up Gulf Scientists for Legal Defense, Roiling Academic Community 

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