Obama Wrote Me An E-mail, Yes, I’m That Important

My new BFF

That’s right, yours truly got an E-mail from Barack Obama.

I knew some people were reading this blog, but not even I considered it all that important, it was just something to do with all the anger I was feeling about the Gulf, all the powerlessness. I mean, had to be able to do something, right? Some place to vent this all out, let it loose before I did something stupid, something crazy…so, why not write a blog?

Who the hell isn’t these days?

But then I got this e-mail…that’s right, from the President. Little surprising too, considering I spend a great deal of time ripping him a new one and you know, I didn’t vote for him or anything…not that I voted for the other guy either, I just don’t vote, but that’s a story already covered elsewhere so why get into it. Point is…me and that guy in the White House, yeah…we’re buddies…Sure I could be a little annoyed it took him seven weeks to respond, but I just chalk it up to him thinking that damn, he figured this whole BP mess, it’d be over by now, right? So, allow me to share what he had to say:

Dear Friend:

Thank you for writing to me about the BP oil spill.
I will stand with the people of the Gulf Coast until they are
made whole, and I appreciate your perspective as we
continue to do everything we can to address this crisis.

The Gulf is one of the richest and most beautiful
ecosystems on the planet.  For centuries, its residents have
enjoyed and made a living off the fish that swim in its
waters and the wildlife that inhabit its shores.  The Gulf is
also the heartbeat of the region’s economic life, and this oil
spill has upended whole communities.
My Administration will continue to leverage every
resource at our disposal to protect coastlines, to clean up
the oil, to hold BP and other companies accountable for
damages, to begin to restore the bounty and beauty of this
region, and to aid the hardworking people of the Gulf as
they rebuild their businesses and communities.  For
information about response efforts, available assistance, or
how to help, please visit:
Individuals affected by the BP oil spill can also find resources by
calling the United States Coast Guard at 1-800-280-7118,
and small businesses can find support by calling 1-800-

Thank you again for contacting me.  I encourage
you to visit WhiteHouse.gov to learn more about my
Administration or to contact me in the future.


Barack Obama

To be a part of our agenda for change, join us at www.WhiteHouse.gov

So, as you can tell from this letter, he’s got this Gulf of Mexico thing all sewn up, planned out, under control and with the halt of the flow of oil, perhaps he and I and Doug Suttles might get the chance to hang out on a pier off Grand Isle or maybe Venice, take a look at some “great sights.”

I think it’s gonna be spectacular.

Have a nice day.

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