Congress Still Screwing New Orleans…Robbing Katrina to Pay for BP

9th Ward 2010, once a crowded block of homes

The House of Representatives passed a Supplemental Appropriations Bill earlier this month that would remove $400 million from Post-Katrina Recovery Programs like Road Home in order to fund other projects, including $304 million for Deepwater Horizon-related remediation and investigation. In addition the bill does provide 1.5 billion to FEMA which could theoretically pay for projects in the New Orleans area, but it could also pay for flooding in the Midwest, earthquakes in California, the next hurricane to hit the Atlantic seaboard and dinners at Muriel’s on Jackson Square for high-ranking administrators in the federal emergency team.

So Mr. Government Representative, what you’re saying is you want the city and people of New Orleans to trust FEMA?


I was under the impression that BP had put up a twenty billion dollar escrow and if that is indeed the case, then as the bills mount on this oil spill, every dollar the feds spend becomes a dollar BP doesn’t have to spend. New Orleans is running a 67 million dollar deficit this year. Many neighborhoods still look like ghost towns. Thousands of people still haven’t found a way to get back home because of destroyed houses, shitty schools, lack of medical care for the uninsured and HANO’s shameless destruction of the housing projects…

Leave the New Orleans money alone

Update: New Orleans, still not recovered

How about actually living up to the promises made over the past five years, you know, the last time some jackass went down to Louisiana and promised people they would “be made whole.” I know that’s a foreign concept to y’all, fulfilling promises when the media is no longer paying attention, kinda outside the norm but seriously, maybe all it takes is one rotten politician to try, something…to say, “Hey…wait a minute…when I was running, I said… Maybe I aught to actually do…”


In a possibly unrelated side note, yesterday it was reported that Dick Cheney no longer has a pulse, so apparently he isn’t the only heartless bastard in DC…

Read the article,

Robbing New Orleans to pay for BP’s Spill

And if you want to feel better, go find Ray Nagin and throw a drink in his face…

Have a nice day.

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