Headlines…Gulf Coast and Beyond

The Gulf of Mexico...remember when that was just a boat, not a skimmer? BP, 5 billion dollar disaster profit, Cheers America, You Finally Lost the Revolutionary War!


With Bonnie threat gone, critical equipment has already returned to Gulf oil well site – Times Picayune

Dudley Set to Succeed Hayward at BP – Wall Street Journal

Dam fails in eastern Iowa, causing massive flooding – CNN

White House sends 2012 rescue team to Florida – Politico

US Troops Captured in Afghanistan: Report – HuffingtonPost

Germany Love Parade Tragedy: Death Toll Rises After Stampede At Festival – HuffingtonPost

Kyra Phillips Asks if Something Needs to be Done “Legally about Anonymous Bloggers'” – CNN

Researchers Confirm Subsea Gulf Oil Plumes Are From BP Well – Truthout

Everybody but Kyra Phillips…

Have a good night.

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