Thank You…to all of ya, and especially…

Because, I can...

I’m new to writing a blog.

Two months ago, I didn’t know what I was doing. To be honest, I didn’t know if I should be doing it at all. What right did I have to vent my opinions out into the internet? What right did I have to be expected to be taken seriously? Blah, blah, blah…one more guy with a computer pissed off at how stupid this whole world has become, especially in the Gulf Coast, especially in New Orleans. Sure, I lived in NOLA once, lived in a studio at the corner of Royal and St. Ann…but it was the worst apartment I’ve ever lived in…mice, palmettos; during one hurricane, part of the ceiling gave in and I spent the next few months with that hole above, wondering when the rest might come down – still, it was the best apartment I’ve ever lived in. Morning coffee on the balcony off St. Ann Street, tourist buggy’s rolling below as I read the Sunday Times-Picayune drinking chicory coffee…I worked a locals bar, taking a year off social work to be a bartender a few blocks from my place and as those tourists looked up, imagining what it would be like to actually live there, I knew…I knew and it was great! And it sucked! some days I reveled in it, some days I opened up the gate on Royal, saw all the tourists and went back in, no…not today.

And this gives me the credibility of…well, nothing.

But I fell in love with New Orleans back then, and I still am…

Three years ago, up on Frenchman’s, a guy walks up to me as I walk out of the Cat’s Meow after seeing a great set by St. Louis Slim, and this guy says something so simple as “Hello…”

I look at him, wondering what he wants, so focused on my defensive reactions I don’t even respond. He says “Hello” again and just for a moment I realize I am not in California, people actually say “Hello” here, and want nothing…

I laugh, self-conscious, and nod back to answer his greeting.

We shake hands.

He wanders on; I am reminded of how cold I can become, social worker or not.

I am reminded of how I have been changed.

A few months ago, I had a conversation – and it was understood by the end of it, I am coming back to New Orleans. Next year, have too…not really a matter of want, it has become a necessity because for some reason…there and only there am I able to engage on the social level I need…

But now, in the meantime, I am becoming what is known as a “blogger,”…whatever, I write what I feel and what I feel tends to be about the Gulf Coast. To be honest, from what I see – real news from real people tends to trump most “real” news from mainstream news sources, but anyways…with this blog I could have been just venting into the winds for all anybody might have cared, but a few people people took notice and those same people made me feel validated…on occasion publishing what I wrote onto their own blogs…

Kinda made me feel I wasn’t alone, that what I was doing here was a voice sometimes worth listening to…

So, I am writing this for anyone who wants to read it, but specifically to say, “Thank you,”  to a few people out there, thanks for giving me a taste of what I know, what I knew all along – something you reminded me of, yet again…Louisiana and New Orleans is home.

Thank you…for reminding me in your own way….Katy, Editilla, Slab, Humid, AmZombie,

Have a great day.

One thought on “Thank You…to all of ya, and especially…

  1. That was so beautiful and REAL! I was could see those areas of New Orleans as I read what you described. I’m glad you created your site and that you are a friend in this whole blogging thing. Thank you for those nice words. katy

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