From Project Katrina Hope: What You Can Do To Help The Gulf Coast

Katrina Hope

Sometimes, it’s difficult to think what to do in situations like this, these problems that are so large, so overwhelming, and oftentimes we do nothing because we don’t know where to begin. The oil spill is like that, two million gallons of Corexit, millions of gallons of oil, the wildlife, all the people suddenly robbed of their culture and thrown out of work. Where do you begin…who might you even get in contact with if you had the means to get to the Gulf Coast to volunteer time?

Well, meet Gretchen Wieland; if you had questions about what you could do, she might be a good place to start.

After a vacation in New Orleans, frustrated by a lack of positive coverage about the volunteer efforts Post Katrina, she decided to make a documentary and create an organization to help, so she created Project: Katrina Hope.

Here are her suggestions for what people who want to help can do:

1. Don’t forget.  Just because there is a cap on the oil leak and almost five years have passed since the hurricane, it doesn’t mean problems just go away.  These men, women and children are struggling.

2. Volunteer.  If you have the time and the resources, go down to the Gulf Coast and get a sense of the morale yourself.  As we approach this critical anniversary next month, there is still plenty of work to be done, and volunteers are the primary source of rebuilding in Louisiana and Mississippi.

3. Write a letter of hope.  If you want to provide hope to a Gulf Coast resident directly, e-mail, where we can set you up with a homeowner pen pal of sorts.  We’ll deliver your handwritten or e-mailed letter directly to a resident who is struggling, giving him/her hope for the future, despite circumstances that may currently feel insurmountable.

Read her article:

Being Kicked While You’re Down…

Have a nice day.

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