We Got a Flow Rate…5,000,000 Barrels…We’re #1!

We are the champions!

So a federal scientific panel now has an accurate estimate of the amount of oil British Petroleum has unleashed into the Gulf of Mexico…After months of competing estimates, typically pitting independent scientists against British Petroleum and the Coast Guard, the number is 5,000,000 barrels of oil.

5,000,000, at a recent flow rate of 53,000 barrels per day before the well was capped and an estimate of past flow rates of 63,000 barrels a day. This flies in the face of BP and the Coast Guard’s earlier number of 5,000 barrels, that number they held onto desperately for months as they battled to control their public face while the oil washed over the wetlands.

This estimate makes the BP catastraphuk the biggest accidental oil spill, ever.

Congratulations gentleman, drinks are on me…

Read the article,

BP to try pushing oil back into underwater reservoir

Have a nice day

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