Sorry folks, BP gets the oil spill data, not you

...and thought, and feelings and any say in how to handle the catastraphuk we dropped on ya

Now, now people…don’t get so entitled.

Yes, the government is quickly trying to determine how much damage has been done to the Gulf of Mexico. Teams of scientists are working together, sharing information, formulating and completing analysis. They have the NOAA, they have the EPA, they have the FDA and everyone has formed a solid team, comparing notes and preparing a report for the entire country, ready to share it with even those who only show a passing interest in the events of the BP catastraphuk. All will be made public for you, the American voting tax-paying citizen, and those reports will be ready in say, one to two years.

Of course, British Petroleum gets it next week.

From the article in Mother Jones:

Under the federal code governing the damage assessment protocol, as the responsible party, BP is guaranteed a role in the process, and therefore has access to data that the government isn’t required to show the public. This privileged information, of course, gives BP an advantage, since the company now knows what it’s up against in court. In fact, BP has already hired a fleet of scientists to conduct its own assessment of the damage, which the company could use to challenge the government’s analysis. BP’s scientists have signed three-year confidentiality agreements, meaning they can’t disclose their data to the public.

Details, people…details.

Essentially, we have two teams of scientists working together to discover the true extent of the damage. These two teams have full access to each others information, each others data, all working towards a solution to this massive environmental catastrophe.

One team…the feds, are working very hard to minimize the political damage.

The other team…British Petroleum, is working very hard to minimize their financial damage.

The third team, those independent scientists who want to study and determine a way to minimize the damage to the people of the Gulf Coast, the wildlife, the ecosystem as a whole: they have  sent a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder and BP CEO Robert Dudley on Tuesday calling for “full and timely transparency of all scientific information” related to the disaster. If the government released the damage data, local and regional conservation and environmental groups could provide valuable insight, said David Pettit, a lawyer with the Natural Resources Defense Council. But there’s no formal public input period until the government issues its draft restoration plan, which could take years.

Sorry folks, that third team is on a need to know…just like the rest of us…All of us are looking in through BP’s kaleidoscope…sure the colors are pretty but we’ve seen enough to guess just how ugly it is on the other side of the plastic chips…no matter how many pie charts they put on television.

Read the article,

Feds Giving Spill Data to BP—But Public Stays in Dark

Have a nice day.

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