Headlines: Gulf Coast and Beyond…

Almost Prettier than a Sunrise

1. Locals worry Gulf oil spill will hurt them twice

2. Obama energy advisor won’t say if BP to face criminal negligence charges

3. Plugging the WikiLeak: US Government frustrated by lack of options

4. New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu marks 100 days with 100 projects

5. Coast Guard and Obama Administration betrays the people and country it is sworn to protect

6. Gay marriage ruling anchored in factual findings

7. Gas companies drilling in Pennsylvania have Committed nearly 1,500 environmental violations in two years

8. Cancer patients relapsing because they can’t afford deductibles on their life saving medication

9. Looking for the truth about the beatings of 2 men by police in the chaos after Katrina

10. Facebook on ‘lockdown’ as it prepares for war with Google

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