More Worries about the Casing inside the Well?

Just once, can't something be simple?

I have this dream where people are just honest about what’s going on, where scientists work together, where Governments and corporations take a look at a problem, inform the public, clearly state what is happening and spell out in clear detail why they are making the decisions they make. 

If this article is correct, there is definite reason for stalling the completion of the relief wells, and it is a reason many have suspected, but nobody, especially nobody in BP or the government was all that willing to admit too. 

From OpedNews’s Rob Kall: 

Thad Allen, Obama’s point man on the Gulf Oil disaster, has been pushing for a “bottom kill” the past few months, claiming it was the only way to be sure the well was really shut down. This afternoon, Allen will be calling for canceling the bottom kill. Did Allen change his mind or did the White House decide it was too risky, politically? is canceling the bottom kill the right move? If so, based on what expert guidance? 

My deep source inside BP reports to me: 

“Right now, the US Government and Thad Allen want to avoid a bottom-kill, if possible. They’re afraid of blowing the casing apart and creating a monumental disaster (once the casing is exploded, the hole can’t be plugged).
 BP is pushing hard to bottom-kill the well: they don’t want to have to come back. BP is prepared to embark on a PR campaign to get ‘the people’ to push for a botom-kill. And I think a campaign would be structured to give BP some kind of plausible deniability if things go wrong, as in, “we were neutral, but we’ll do what the residents of the Gulf Coast want.” 

I haven’t seen this information anywhere else, so I can’t really confirm it but thought I’d share anyway. Lord knows nobody official in the Gulf will. 

Believe what ya like folks, I’m at a loss…and I suppose, time will tell. 

Read the article, 

Does Obama Fear “Bottom Kill” of BP Gulf Well? BP Insider gives a heads up. 

Have a nice day.

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