Rising Tide 5…Thank You

Job Well Done

 I just wanted to say, on a personal note, thanks to all who were a part of Rising Tide 5…everyone who had a hand in the planning, the operations of the day and all the speakers who gave up their time to be there…yes, even Ronal Serpas…:) 

It was probably one of the more valuable days I’ve spent recently and I learned even more than expected. 

Met a few people, would like to have met more, but I am one of those who are far more comfortable in the background…bit of a social phobic; so maybe next year. 

Nonetheless thanks again, especially to Dangerblond who pointed me in the right direction from the get-go…everyone’s work was most certainly appreciated by this attendee for sure, and we’ll see you next year. 

Maybe I’ll even say more than an awkward “Hello,” before ducking outside to smoke a cigarette. 


3 thoughts on “Rising Tide 5…Thank You

  1. So sorry I didn’t get the chance to meet you in person. Next time, sneak on by the registration desk and shout a little more above the sound of me pounding on my laptop keyboard. I hope there WILL be a next time… 😎

    Be well. Glad you made it on Saturday.

    1. I certainly hope there will be a next time…if so, it would occur shortly before my move back to the city, finally…been waiting for that one too long and I most certainly will stop by your laptop…

      Be well, as well


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