One thought on “Well Hell…Turn Off the News for Five Days and the Official Narrative Goes to Shit…

  1. Everytime they lie out their asses, I just want to scream! As in primal, monkey grunting, Pooh throwing yeowl while I hang naked upside down from the trees. It just pisses me off to that degree.

    I am insulted because these government goons believe and plan that the rest of America is dumber than they are.

    I am insulted because those are mine and your tax dollars being used to fund this farce.

    I am insulted because they have violated our Constitution, confiscating samples, research and the like from Independent Scientists on public lands or on open waters, and cameras and camera phones from private citizens who have also received threats.

    I am insulted that my own government would back a foreign company on our own soil, over our own people and to our own detriment.

    I am just plan pissed and if I were to keep listing everything it would be like another blogpost in your comment section.

    I will say read this and pass this on

    If you think that the press didn’t care, read that story.

    I am working on my end doing everything I can. I am so sorry that our government seems to be comprised of no good shits. I don’t know what to say. I am horrified, but it must be a thousand times worse to have to live in the mess, that these greedy incompetent idiots make in the Gulf.

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