Senator David Vitter Chr”O”nicles…Vol. 1

"Damn right!"

In last night’s forum with Democratic challenger Charlie Melancon, Republican Senator David Vitter was asked how he felt about the automatic citizenship status of babies born in this country to non-citizen parents. Vitter said he has introduced legislation that would prevent automatic citizenship from being granted.

So here go the allegedly’s: Republican Incumbent Senator David Vitter: doesn’t approve of “anchor babies”, but loves prostitutes.

Have a nice day.

2 thoughts on “Senator David Vitter Chr”O”nicles…Vol. 1

  1. So Dave paid a contractor in the world’s oldest profession. So, what? It’s yet another victimless crime. And what do you give us in your commentary? Brainless ad hominem after which you could rationalize just about anything.

    He doesn’t approve of fundamentalist Christians, but he loves prostitutes.

    He doesn’t approve of Valencia hot sauce, but he loves hookers.

    Dave might be guilty of moral hypocrisy, but that makes anchor babies no less of an issue. Care to address it?

    1. Brainless ad hominem’s?
      How rude…and also accurate…thus, the joke, as the whole post is more or less…course the idea that prostitution is a completely victimless crime would surely be one a thousand and one psychiatrists and sociologists would love to discuss with you, I’m sure…As far as anchor babies go…birth away…or don’t. I gotta be honest with ya, don’t much care about the issue one way or another…and from the sounds of things, you care enough for the both of us so thanks for the heavy lifting…it is appreciated.

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