My first vote in 20 years…

I haven’t voted in an election, local, state or national since the year 1992. I voted for Clinton. I felt it was important at the time to do so as I was convinced the GOP was working on destroying the things I felt were important to not only save, but bolster…but then Clinton went and did all the destroying: bombing Iraq,┬ádepleting the social safety net, … Continue reading My first vote in 20 years…

Senator David Vitter Chr”O”nicles…Vol. 1

In last night’s forum with Democratic challenger Charlie Melancon, Republican Senator David Vitter was asked how he felt about the automatic citizenship status of babies born in this country to non-citizen parents. Vitter said he has introduced legislation that would prevent automatic citizenship from being granted. So here go the allegedly’s: Republican Incumbent Senator David Vitter: doesn’t approve of “anchor babies”, but loves prostitutes. Have … Continue reading Senator David Vitter Chr”O”nicles…Vol. 1

“Voters Can Make up Their Own Minds”- Bobby Jindal, and to Help, Watch the Dem’s New Video

Jindal refused to weigh in on David Vitter’s re-election campaign yesterday; when asked by a local reporter if he would endorse the incumbent Senator in his race over the Democratic challenger, Charlie Melancon, Jindal replied that “voters can make up their own minds.” For Jindal, assuming the governor is positioning himself for a run at the 2012 presidency, it was certainly the safe choice. In … Continue reading “Voters Can Make up Their Own Minds”- Bobby Jindal, and to Help, Watch the Dem’s New Video

What’s the Problem Gov’nuhs?

Somebody is lying…either Bobby Jindal or Barack Obama. In either case there appears to be 7000 National Guard troops in Louisiana who are not being used; they’re just sitting idly by. If you’re a Democrat my guess is you might say it’s Bobby Jindal playing politics. If you’re a Republican, you would probably say Obama is lying about the resources available, again. But if you … Continue reading What’s the Problem Gov’nuhs?