Revealed: How Crab Tests Negative for Oil Contamination in the Gulf

BP: No, not dead...They're sunning

You might wonder how crabs in the Gulf have received a clean bill of health from the US Wildlife and Fisheries, especially after the 4.1 million barrels, the 2 million gallons of dispersants, the two to five-inch thick layer of oil on the sea floor, all these fish kills going on in Plaquemines Parish, the people getting sick, the dead whales, the oil yet again hitting sixteen miles of marsh on the Louisiana Coast, possible groundwater contamination…etc…

The answer is pretty simple, actually.

From firedoglake

Step 1.

When harvesting a load of crab that smells strongly of oil, call US Wildlife and Fisheries to report possible contamination.

Step 2.

US Wildlife and Fisheries will promise to send a biologist to do testing and confirm.

Step 3.

Wait, while the crabs die.

Step 4.

US Wildlife and Fisheries recall the biologist, saying they only do testing on live crabs.

Step 5.

Announce yet again, that all their crab tests have proved negative for oil contamination throughout the Gulf Coast.

It is, evil genius.

Watch the video:

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