One week…

Hey all, got to get focused on a couple of things non-blog related, so I’m going to have to take a short break…one week to be exact, that should about do it…

But before I go,

Mr. Bob Dudley?


No, “climates of fear” aren’t created by the press, they are created when information is controlled and the authorities lose credibility while the people are losing everything, and the people feel they have no recourse.

That’s what happened in the Gulf, you dumb bastard, BP and the politicians happened to the Gulf, together – and the people are still getting screwed.

Anyways, see ya in a week and if for some reason you don’t know about this site…please, check out New Orleans Ladder for latest on New Orleans and Gulf news…

Have a nice week,


2 thoughts on “One week…

  1. Whoa Drake! Thanks fo’da Hat Tip!
    We’ll be waiting right here, of course this involves life after the next Saints game…
    Steelers in the Sacredome on Halloween.
    It doesn’t get any better than dat!

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