Not what I originally intended today, but…Giants Win World Series!

What can I say, I’m not really that much of a baseball fan. The five years I spent living in San Francisco had me following the San Jose Sharks, not the Giants and before the playoffs this year, I couldn’t have mentioned more than one or two players on the team. That being said, I am a fan of narratives and from the beginning of these playoffs I have enjoyed the “castoffs and misfits” storyline, and as I watched the games, I became more and more emotionally involved…so when Edgar Renteria hit the three run home-run in the seventh, I cheered…

Yeah, and when they showed the crowd shots at Civic Center Plaza and all the people watching the game (used to live two blocks away) yeah, I wished I could have been there.

Besides, the last baseball game I saw in person was San Francisco versus Milwaukee in San Francisco (Giants won).

Besides, GW Bush was at the game (No one anticipated the breach of the Rangers).

So, much congratulations to the Giants…

What else was I going to write about today? Elections? A discussion of which political party will come to false power in this, our United States of Oligarchy, all the while pretending we still have some sort of democracy?


Oh, and as always…British Petroleum, you go to hell…

Have a nice day.

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