Tony Hayward “All the oil is gone.”

No oil in the oil in the oil in the Gulf... What? What do you mean it didn't work!?

Yeah, he said it, not kidding, while giving a speech to students at the Cambridge University Society and several explanations immediately come to mind:

1. He and Jane Lubchenco of the NOAA are still spending way too much time together.

2. He figured that if doing a tour can work for GW Bush, why not him?

3. The American press isn’t paying attention anymore so now he can really say whatever he wants.

4. He’s got this job in a Russian narco-state and if he needs to disappear, he’s got some new friends to help make that happen.

5. He’s an out of touch narcissist making a desperate attempt to convince himself that really, he’s an all right bloke, and all he has to do is say the oil is gone enough times so that not only will he eventually believe it, but due to his importance in world affairs and events (the focal point don’t ya know) the world will believe it too, after all, he’s Tony Bloody Hayward and don’t you forget it!


Check it out:

Tony Hayward, Former BP CEO, Addresses Cambridge Union, Says More Dumb Things

Have a nice day.

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