A Simple Reflection…

Honestly? More jail cells fix everything, money, morals and bumper sticker slogans: just ask that prick, Gusman

“I have always been considered too ignorant or too stupid to run my own life in my own way. I was, and still am, judged incompetent. Leave it to the expert: do as I am told, and all will be well. It isn’t. It never was and it never will be. The experts are still at it, each with his own little bit of specialized knowledge which he claims gives him the right to direct me along lines which I have known instinctively are wrong. Since experience has taught me to trust myself and distrust the expert, I now declare a state of open revolt. It is a private revolt and owes nothing to any man, group or party. It is strictly Me versus Anyone-you-care-to-mention.”

-Lawrence Morley

A recently discovered quote, and a breath of fresh air…the kind of breath that coughs out the decay of political empire and jolts the synapse, sends the moral and mortal seizure to the bar for a shot of self-awareness and a long draft of this simple reflection:

I define and I do…

And I am…

So, good morning everybody, may all wake restful to realize that in this minute is the beginning of what you choose to undertake, and all the responsibilities contained therein. The “buck” stops with us, with our decisions, and with every decision made by others where we stand silently by, to let them just happen.

Not a lecture to anyone, just an acknowledgment to myself that I been there, done that, and don’t want to do it again.

Have a nice day.

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