One thought on “Next Stop on the Feinberg Exploitation Tour…quick payments, just in time for Christmas

  1. The fact that Ken Feinberg is denying more claims than paying out isn’t hard to explain. For the longest time Claim holders have argued that Mr. Feinberg is not an impartial arbiter, instead his law firm, Feinberg & Rozen are representing BP.

    If you watched the July 2010 NBC Meet the Press interview, it would be hard to miss the many misrepresentations of the truth Mr. Feinberg committed.

    Whats that? that is just my opinion?

    Well you could say that, and yes I do believe that he has a bias against Claim Holders and is doing a service for his client BP. But seriously folks don’t take my word for it.

    Review the Ken Feinberg Meet the Press interview video. He tells host David Gregory that he is independent from any agency and not beholding to President Obama or BP. Fast Forward to November 29, 2010. While being interviewed on MSNBC Morning Joe program, Mr. Feinberg was asked if he plans to stay in the process the entire three years. His response was,Drum Roll……………….
    I server at the pleasure of the President and BP!

    HMMMMM! If he was lying about that service since July 2010, what else is he hiding. How about the fact that the personal information claims holders have submitted are being shared with entities outside the GCCF and his client BP. But wait there is more, if you file for a Final Claim it is not an Appeal. It is a Final Claim, the appeal process follows the Final Claim denial. The biggest question everyone has is, who was the adjuster that denied my claim and for what specific reason.
    A GCCF rep told me that claimants will never be told who the adjusters are, and will not be able to contact them directly, or have access to the information placed within their claim file by GCCF staff.

    My advice to everyone is fight the good fight, because when the history books are written Mr. Feinberg will be placed next to BP as the second wave of man made disaster to hit the Gulf of Mexico.

    Good Luck

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