Have I mentioned I hate Atlanta?

I didn't shoot him, but I know who did...and I like it.

Ed. Note…17-14…New Orleans over Atlanta…Who Dat!!!! And to Mr. Hartley…a 51 yarder…it almost, almost makes up for what you did in week three…like I’ve said before – though I do forgive you…the forgetting part is really, really hard…but, great kick tonight…

Go Saints!

Hey everybody.

So todays’ the day and yes, certainly the Green Bay win over the Giants helped and the Saints are practically in the playoffs by now and that’s all well and good, but more importantly…


And yeah, I’m looking at you Hartley.

I hate Atlanta. I hate the city, its people and its team. Perhaps a bit irrational, sure…I’ll give you that but its my hatred and I won’t apologize for it. I hate Atlanta like they are the Detroit Red Wings, the New York Yankees and the Miami Heat all wrapped up in one giant ball of raccoon fecal matter. I hate Atlanta like I’m considering a chalk “X” on the third pew from the back on the farthest left of St. Louis Cathedral. I hate Atlanta because I hate the movie “Top Gun” and every time I hear Ryan referred to as “Matty Ice,” it makes me think of this piece of shit frat boy rah-rah false patriot war death bravado film, and then I hate Atlanta even more.

I hate Atlanta because I hate their airport, except for the Popeye’s chicken stand, it’s terminals are long and fucking evil.

Now, I love me some New Orleans Saints and that love is an unconditional thing so I will support them no matter what happens (Hartley?), but I just got buried in a foot of snow and I don’t get to go back to New Orleans for another 18 days so you win, I win…win-win…Atlanta loses, Happy New Year…

Go Saints!

Go to hell, Atlanta…

This has been a public service announcement…

Have a nice day.

4 thoughts on “Have I mentioned I hate Atlanta?

    1. Hmm, I wasn’t aware I owned any refugees. If I did, I probably wouldn’t send them to you personally, and do we really need to enter into any sort of debate about the very word “refugee” being used on citizens of our own country?

      We can if you want…just let me know…and one more thing, have you checked the sustainability of your water supply? Last I heard the droughts are kind of doing a number on your town…but I’ll give ya a glass or two if ya need because hatred of the Atlanta Falcons and goofing around with sports rivalries aside, we’re all still in this together.

      Have a nice day.


    2. i fucking hate new orleans i hate everything about that lame ass poor ass city they hate on atl all the time and truth be told they trying to be like us stealing atl swag and dance moves our accent even lil wayne tryna talk like us saying shawty thats our shit matter of fact every body saying that shit now thats our shit fuck new orleans and every body from there they just mad cause atl on top with money music everything atl way better i been to new orleans and the city boring ass hell and dirty and poor get yall money up so fuck new orleans and who ever from down there atl forever hoe o by the way imma call yall floodorleans ha ha ha ha ha

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