5 thoughts on “The GCCF: Sowing the Seeds of Discord

  1. Currently, I’m in the same boat. They received mine on the 24th of December. I was told that I would be paid in 14 days, then as the 14 days expired it went to 16. 16 days came and gone now it went to 20. Now it is told to me that The New York office had to close due to the storm it will be another 10 days. However my best friend did hers after the first of the year and already got paid. Sigh.

    1. Yet Obama says…nothing. Ironically, Feinberg’s stated goal of keeping people out of court, what with the denials, the arbitrariness of his payments and the hopeless delays and timing are doing nothing more than turning more people to lawyers and lawsuits. The GCCF is a disaster…

      Best of luck to you…


      1. GCCF has lawyers that are suppose to be probono. I thought of contacting them however, I’m sure this will just delay quick payment even more. They told me 2 days ago they escalated my quick payment back to the new york office. Then I found out today it was never done. Will this ever end?!

      2. I want to beleive that it will, but I worry that the effects of this spill, financially and environmentally are going to be with the region and this country for decades, even if the majority of the country has yet to figure this out yet…


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