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  1. Reilly says:

    WELL SAID!!!! Thanks to BP, our home is now in foreclosure, and we are still waiting on our claim to be paid!!

    1. Thank you…and best of luck to you with your claim…sincerely.


  2. Robert Marie says:

    The process to screw the public via the redirect of the class action was tested here. http://www.mftms13.wordpress.com

    Much the same players. A bunch of A-Holes. Hey got any pictures of the PLC group? bet they look a lot like these plotters of the first test.www.classvictim.wordpress.com

  3. katy says:

    Thank you! That was SO WELL said. Perfect. Also applies too other issues as well. I will post to help get this out to as many of the blind believers as I can. Katy

    1. Thanks Katy…


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