5 thoughts on “The man behind the curtain…Lest we forget

  1. There is a difference between being obsessed with a thing or event and it being obsessed with you.
    For example, every time I go to read something at TPM I see a goddamn BP advertisement about their Gulf Restoration Work and how they’ve made everything right just like they told us they would and you have but to click here to comesee comesee! And that is only TPM, I’ve seen these egregious public relations asswipes, these outright Advomercials, on other bastions of Progressive blogging like Fire Dog Lake and Huff Post.
    Sooo, thems thats got the gold write the scripts and gold is what everybody gotta have mo of eh?
    Hey, BP doesn’t give an ideological rat’s ass about what people idealistically rant on their oil crime as long as those people will take their oil spill money to enable BP re-tell, re-frame the story better than the truth!

    Present company Excluded of course, as Orwell warned us about “them” and their daunting PR News Machines –but thankfully he kept his mouth shut about people like you.

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