8 thoughts on “The GCCF Methodology…experts, experts and more experts, paid for by BP

    1. I really have a problem with the review process. I have made several calls about my status; however no one can give you a direct answer if your claim is almost done. I have been patiently waiting my determination since Feb 2011. Also its not fair that we cant communicate with the person(s) who actually is evaluating our claims. Your claim can be simply denied based of a question they couldn’t compute.

  1. it seems to me an AEP would be an admission of guilt, i thank any lawyer or court would see it the same way. i mean the only people who could take the quick pay where those who recived an AEP.

    1. An emergency payment as an admission of Feinberg’s guilt, if he were to deny a final payment? If this is what you mean, it would depnd on who’s perspective. Feinberg, of course, would say the proof necessary for a final payment is more stringent and thus, he can deny, though I would say he is wrong in this. If people were harmed enought o get an emergency payment, it would seem likewise for a final payment as it would appear anyone has yet to recover competely from this mess. And I am quite sure a claimant’s attorney would see it that way as well.


    1. I had to contact my local media outlets and my state dept. of financial services in order to get my emergency advance payment. In all I an an editorial column publish my story as well as being on local news 3 times. In the end the GCCF did approve my EAP. Contacting you local media outlets is not difficult. Just search online for newspapers and tv stations for your area and e-mail them your situation/story.

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