Revoke BP’s probation: patterns don’t lie…

The problem, and it ain't getting better...

In Alaska, whereas they have not suffered a spill as extreme as the one the company unleashed on the Gulf Coast, they have become quite familiar with this oil company’s pattern of negligence, their complete focus on profits and the willingness to let lawyers attempt to clean up the messes left behind by their poor safety conduct. Now, federal prosecutors are asking a judge to revoke BP’s probation from a conviction in 2007, stating the company is a recidivist offender and repeatedly, negligently discharges oil into the environment.

The hearing will be on November 29th in Anchorage…where surely they will examine:

Prosecutors said in their brief that BP’s history of environmental crimes in Alaska began in February 2001 when it pleaded guilty to releasing hazardous materials at its Endicott facility on the North Slope. The company was fined $500,000, placed on probation for five years and ordered to create a nationwide environmental management program, prosecutors said.

The March 2006 spill of 200,000 gallons of crude (in Prudhoe Bay) was caused by corrosion, and BP’s leak detection system failed to notice it, prosecutors said. The company’s guilty plea to a misdemeanor violation of the Clean Water Act in 2007 resulted in three years of probation, a $12 million fine, and restitution and community service payments totaling $8 million to the state of Alaska and the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, BP attorneys said.

Prosecutors contend BP violated the conditions of its probation by allowing the 2009 spill from an 18-inch pipe moving oil, water and gas from drill pads to BP’s Lisburne Processing Center. That spill, prosecutors said, leaked 13,500 gallons of oil onto tundra and wetlands. “This rupture was the result of a predictable and preventable freezing of produced water within the pipeline that caused the pipe to over-pressurize and burst,” prosecutors said. It was eerily similar to the 2006 spill, prosecutors alleged, because BP ignored alarms that warned of the pipe’s eventual rupture and leak. The 2009 spill also followed a similar pipe freezing and rupture in 2001, they said, and BP failed to put in place preventative measures that their own experts recommended.

Prosecutors said the spill site directly abuts Prudhoe Bay and the damaged wetlands are covered by the Clean Water Act. They also contend the spill criminally violated state pollution laws because of BP negligence.

It should be noted for those in Louisiana and the Gulf Coast, it is expressly this type of pattern that BP recently requested be rendered inadmissible in the trial for the events concerning the explosion of the Deepwater Horizon, asking Judge Barbier to exclude not only these convictions, but the convictions surrounding the explosion of their oil refinery in Texas City which killed several workers…because such facts are, you know, prejudicial and shows British Petroleum’s irresponsible and unsafe actions to be well, irresponsible and unsafe.

Barbier has yet to give his decision on the matter, but along with hoping BP’s probation is revoked, here’s hoping Judge Barbier recognizes it’s time for this company, finally, to really pay for their horrendous actions, for their record to be laid bare in the court and for them to pay not only through the nose, but every other available orifice, two times.

But you know, I fear even that won’t be enough.

Eleven men died on the Deepwater Horizon. Fifteen died and over 170 were injured in the explosion of BP’s refinery at Texas City.

Some court of law, somewhere, some time needs to send some of these bastards to prison: two explosions – twenty-six people dead.

Jail does need to happen. It’s the only way BP’s behaviors will change, simply because if these pricks can afford to throw out $20 billion, (how much of which are U.S. government subsidies?) to pay damages for the consequences of their behavior, how else will they understand the criminality of their actions until the people of the Gulf Coast and Alaska can finally line-up on visiting day and take their turns spitting in the face of those convicted for the actions leading to the death of their loved ones and the destruction of their environment and livelihoods?

Because right now, the only thing BP’s getting for their behavior is more money.

So for the jail thing, I pick Bob and Tony.

I know, a no-brainer, but what can I say? I like to keep it simple, and I’m thinking rather than continue making millions of dollars in salary, these two begin to pay for their negligence, and for their lies and their pattern of violence against the people of the United States, and environment we live in.

It’s a thought…

Read the article:

BP Alaska Probation: Prosecutors Seek To Revoke 2007 Ruling

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BP Declares Climate Change Over…

This photograph is obviously the concoction of Oil Spill Truthers

…they also report the Deepwater Horizon never sank, the oil never spilled, the Texas Refinery never blew up and certainly, nobody ever died. Oh yeah, and you know their pipelines in Alaska, the ones that have been written about so splendidly as of late by Propublica? Well, didn’t you know that when BP’s corrosion monitoring company inspected the oil pipes and gave them an “F” rating, that, in fact, is a good thing, a positive development, a sign that all is well with British Petroleum, and those pipes certainly wouldn’t not leak, and their refineries, they will never not explode and never not kill anyone again.

And in a related story…BP spokespeople were finally reached about reports of dead and dying coral covered in brown substance several miles from the not busted well head. Asked about the dying marine life by long time reporters in the Gulf Coast, BP reportedly said, “Dying? I know you are but what am I?”

Read the article:

BP Defends ‘F’ Ratings on Alaska Oil Pipelines

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BP: A history of disaster, a culture of empty words

Thunder Horse Rig - Almost a Disaster

A great article in the New York Times explores BP’s track record of disaster, safety violations, and maximum profits at high risk, all the while claiming safety is their number one priority. Much like the talking head politicians on Sunday morning talk-shows, or television and radio programs by your Glenn Becks, Rush Limbaugh’s and Sean Hannity’s, Tony Hayward seems to believe that just because you say something, and say it often, it will be true. In a recent memorandum to his employees that touched on BP’s improving safety record, Tony claimed, “This (Deepwater Horizon BP Catastraphuk) accident has been a terrible exception to that trend and we must learn the lessons from it, but at the same time, it does not invalidate all the hard work you have put in to improve our safety standards around the world. Safety is our first priority. It will remain so.”

First priority? Jesus, I’d hate to see what might happen if it was your second or third. Problem is Tony, a number of facts kind of get in the way of your memorandum, consider:

March 23rd, 2005, at their Texas City Refinery an explosion killed 15 and injured 170. Two months before the accident, a consulting firm named the Telos Group hired to examine conditions at the plant had this to say “We have never seen a site where the notion ‘I could die today’ was so real.” An investigation after the explosion found more than 300 safety violations and BP paid 21 million in fines. Four years later, OSHA inspected the same plant at Texas City and this time, found more than 700 safety violations; BP was ordered to pay 87 million in fines this time, a judgment currently under appeal.

2005: Another oil rig, the Thunder Horse in the Gulf of Mexico almost sank, caused by an improperly installed check valve. When the rig heated up during a hurricane, instead of water being pumped out, the rig flooded, listed dangerously and almost sank. While BP was repairing the damages, they discovered ominous cracks and breaks in the welding throughout the platform caused by bad performance and previously missed. Had the well been started, the cracks would have broken and oil would have poured into the Gulf. Yeah, that’s right: Deepwater Horizon would have been the second time BP did this to the Gulf of Mexico.

2006: In Prudhoe Bay, Alaska, 267,000 gallons oil leaked from BP’s pipelines, the worst spill on Alaska’s north slope in history. BP paid 20 million dollars in fines.

March, 2010: OSHA found 62 violations in an Ohio BP refinery.

May 25th, 2010: BP created the third largest spill on the Trans-Alaska pipeline system, caused by a power failure; it dumped 200,000 gallons of oil.

And lest we forget:

April 20th, 2010: Deepwater Horizon explodes…11 dead and on Day 84, still going strong.

Deepwater Horizon - the Legend - the Champion

There are different takes on the culture and policies of the company of course – BP’s, and everybody else’s.

In the article, BP Public Relations guru, Scott Dudley is quoted, saying it was unfair to blame cultural failings at BP for the string of accidents, “Everyone realized we had to operate safely and reliably, particularly in the U.S., to restore a reputation that was damaged by the accident at Texas City,” he said. “So I don’t accept, and have not witnessed, this cutting of corners and the sacrifice of safety to drive results.”

But as I mentioned, not everybody feels the same:

“Senior management told us they are very serious about safety, but we observed that they haven’t translated their words into safe working procedures and practices, and they have difficulty applying the lessons learned from refinery to refinery or even from within refineries,” said David Michaels, an OSHA administrator.

Congressional Representative, Henry Waxman, whose committee is investigating the Deepwater Horizon accident, also has a different view than BP. When Mr. Hayward testified a month ago, Waxman had this to say “There is a complete contradiction between BP’s words and deeds. You were brought in to make safety the top priority of BP. But under your leadership, BP has taken the most extreme risks.” “BP cut corner after corner to save a million dollars here and a few hours there,” Mr. Waxman said. “And now the whole Gulf Coast is paying the price.”

And now, British Petroleum is expanding their refinery at Whiting, Indiana which already has had hundreds of violations; they are trying to get permission to do both directional drilling under Lake Michigan and exploratory drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

Bully…what me, worry?

Read the article:

At BP, a History of Boldness and Costly Blunders – New York Times – Sarah Lyall, Clifford Krauss and Jad Mouawad

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Who Will Pay to Fix Louisiana? Big Oil is Big Pimpin’…

Hey America, you're looking good tonight

You mean to tell me that the short-sightedness was not the sole property of British Petroleum, that all the oil companies have been making shortsighted decision for the past 100 years, and they’ve been enabled in these endeavors by the state’s politicians?

Say it ain’t so Landrieu, say it ain’t so.

8000 miles of canals were dug through the wetlands for easier and cheaper access to oil rigs and pipes while the Army Corps of Engineers dug even larger navigation canals, requested by the industry – canals like the Mississippi River Gulf Outlet, yeah, the same one that let in the storm surge and flooded New Orleans during Katrina. Twenty-five square miles of Louisiana coast disappear every year, largely from the erosion caused by these slashes through the marsh. Hey Mr. Oil Company, you broke it, you bought it…so why, asks Oliver Houck, shouldn’t the oil industry kick in their fair share to fix this mess and restore the wetlands?

Never fear, an organization called “America’s Wetlands” is on this case, pitching the idea to Congress that these wetlands must be restored, no matter the price tag, no matter the time required, and it must start as soon as humanly possible. Course, “America’s Wetlands” is made up mostly of oil companies, and according to their plan, the people who’ll pay for this restoration will be the tax-payers…not the companies who profited from this degradation, reaping incredible quarterly profits year after year.

Ever been pimped, America?

Shell oil’s trying to turn you out, and after she’s used you up, all of you Americans out there – especially in Louisiana…well, she’ll be heading off for greener pastures just north of Alaska, seeking the brightest and the best to work the cold, cold streets of ANWAR. Yeah baby – drill, baby drill!

Wear a condom.

Read on for the whole story:

Who Will Pay to Fix Louisiana? by Oliver Houck

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