26 thoughts on “Feinberg’s new quick pay loophole…the investigation

    1. The best way to deal with the winter is to develop keen, specific angers at certain ideals or peoples one can tap into as quickly as necessary to shield oneself from the wind and stay warm…

      In other words…one day at a time…one exceedingly cold day at a time…


  1. get a lawyer plead the 5th and tell the intergrators they need to talk to you legal representation who represents you.

  2. On January 21st I received the same letter. It took me almost a month to received a one month EAP of $2000 and 2months to be denied supplemental claim. I was told that I was eligible for Quick Payment and just to keep from going through more hell I submitted my application on December 20th. January 21st I received this letter and have not been able to get any information since. I was told that the investigation could go on for a very long time. I asked it if was for fraud and was told that I was randomly pulled for audit. I don’t understand and have not been contacted by Guidepost and do not have any other way of finding out what is going on and why they pulled my claim.

    1. bp fucks me around i swear 2 god its gonna cost em more than that spill ever did i know the gulf and their platforms

  3. Has anybody been informed that they have a lein on their quick final payment? If so what do we have to do to resolve this and what is the time frame?

    Another starving Louisiana Gulf Fisherman.

    1. Yes I had a lien and they sent me a notice of income assignment letters asking me to sign it if I wanted to proceed with the claim after the lien was paid I said yes and four days after they received my letter I was put under investigation regarding my eap. Let me know if u need any additional info.

      1. Did they explain what kind of lien it was or who put it there and the amount? Little is being said at this time. I have requested a call back for a week now. I also emailed them and a guy called me back yesterday. He said he cant see a lien and i should wait until 14 business days are up. But after calling the call center again, I am once told that there is a lien on it. Looks like if i run into the long wait process i should be able to null and void the signatures on the forms due to them not owning up to their word and obligations and should get an attorney on board as well as all the local media. What do you all think?

      2. Steve, as you are saying you are told there is a lien, then the next rep. says there is no lien, then next time you are told there is a lien I think of what happened with my claim, though it does not involve a lien.

        I filed a final claim oline in late Nov. or so I thought. I was told by reps. in Ohio that the claim was received, and for a while when I checked the status online it showed received, then on day the status showed not received. I called Ohio againg only to be told pay no attention to my online status, that the claim was received and to do nothing else unless contacted. I went to a Feinberg meeting in mid-Jan and was told by an adjuster there that my final was received. A weeek later I called Ohio again and was told by a supervisor that no final was received. Then he started to say he fould s part of a form in the back of my file but I had to send the final form from the packet I received in Dec.

        I was about to do that when I decided to go to my local GCCF office and talk to the adjuster that I saw the the meeting. He had been promoted since the Feinberg meeting and another supervisor called me. He was looking at my file and then said, “Ok, you have an attorney.” I asked him what he was talking about as I have never spoken to an attorney about my claim. He told me the name and the attorney was in another state. I told him no way I don’t know who that is or why my claim is showing his name.

        So at this point I am scared because they tell me if you have an attorney listed on your claim you get put into a catagory that will be reviewed last. And I worry if this attorney can get my personal info from them since he is on my file. He said I had to sign a paper stating that I did not have an attorney. The next day I went in to meet with him and sign the paper. They put me with a regular adjuster before the sup. comes over and the adjuster pulls my file and says I don’t have an attorney listed. They sup. I spoke with the day before comes over and says well there was one listed yesterday. He pulls my file and a totally different attorney in a different state comes up. They get out of my file and go back in and again no attorney listed. The sup. decides it is a glitch, makes a note and says I don’t have to sign anything about the attorney.

        My point is I think their system puts false info into our files (or someone does it on purpose) and also eliminates things we filled out.

        The sup. then checked my final claim, said he saw parts filled out (figures I did not put there and a figure I did missing) and he pushed for me to file an interim, saying they will be reviewed before finals, which I did go back the next day to file an interim.

        In the mean time my status online shows no final received, but I got a letter from them saying they received my final. I also got a letter saying they got my interim and the online status show interim received.

        The fact that everytime they pull my file a different attorney shows up, and sometimes none at all is a big red flag to me. What if the sup. did not bring it up to me and they just threw my claim in the catagory to be dealt with last? I think they are manipulating files so they can blame the claimant for not submitting properly or have a reason not to review the claim (like an attorney listed or a non-existing lien that they have to verify)

        As far as your lien, you can check your credit report to see if a lien is listed or your courthouse. If the GCCF has information that you owe someone due to a lien, I don’t see how they can keep the lienholders name from you. Do you have a local GCCF office?

  4. No they did not say who the lien was from good thing I knew. The only company so far that sent in a list of people who owes money is child support. They will tell u how much but not who. Also I received the letter before it was posted on the claims reps computer. As of today its still not on their computer because they say liens is a private matter and not everyone should be able to see the letter. Yeah ok.. so keep checking your mail u will receive the letter before they are able to view it. They will only see it after u sign it and send it back. You are able to send a letter or email in stating you would Like to withdraw your quick payment and just file for an interim or full review. Holla if u need anything else that’s what I here for. we have to all stick together. I thank Drake for this website.

  5. replying to steve g, i thank getting the local media involved is important, when the major media has been rendered silent. take shawn hanity seeing he lets nothing slide in regards to obama but silent on oil spilll people have been trying to get al gore for political hypcrisy and now nalco connections and major media silent

  6. in panama city news harold did story on dozens of dead starfish went as far to say they may have did togather because they where born togather. i did not know starfish lived synchronized lifes. even page lay out was suspect give the other articals around it it ‘s called subliminal advertising. reply to steve g

  7. Thanks all for your help and advise. Just wasn’t expecting this and things are tight for all of us. Hopefully something will change in our favor so us and our families will stop suffering and maybe be able to eat a decent meal like before all of this. I’ll keep you all informed on what i find out as i am always researching and calling…

    Thanks Everyone and God Bless

  8. Ok all. I just got a call from a specialist in reference to the lien. I was told that they recieved a spreadsheet about a month ago with any and all names of people with arrears in childsupport payments. She said the process in which they have to use Fed orders is that when someone files a final claim and a lien is on there account they wait for the individual to sign the quick forms and send them in. Once this takes place they review/audit the lien info. Which they send to the state in this case to verify the amount or that it is still valid at all. The state will send them back an exact amount owed if any. Once they recieve that then they send the claimant a letter stating the amount and authorizing them to subtract that amount from the quick payment. Once that is signed and recieved then they will process the check and send it to the claimant. In this case i was told that i should get the letter next week and that should have my check in hand in around two weeks. She said that this is all she does everyday is deal with these types of claims. (liens) She did however tell me who it was and what the amount was that they was told when it was placed on red flag. She also told me that they are working to try and get the letters available online so it can speed up the process but they are having a hard time because they are being told that the information is personal. My response was: It’s not personal, It is public information already and can be viewed online at anytime and for any state. She said wow, good point! Well, I’ll let you all know something again once i hear something. In the mean time I will continue to give them hell for the grief they are causing us.

    1. Here’s hoping that this is really the case, and not just one more answer from one more person, until you talk to the next…

      Good luck, and thanks for sharing the information with all…


    2. Exactlh like Drake said I hope that’s the case mine went the exact same way and then was put under investigation. Like I previously stated that is exactly the way they do after u sign the lien letter u have to wait until the lien holder accepts it then they pay u . I hope they don’t send u under investigation also. keep me posted.

      1. Just got my Lien letter today. Gonna go drop it off at the claims center. Have you heard anything yet on your claim Alicia?

  9. @Steve..I’m suppose to get a call today from gccf. one thing I will advise you of is that they will need your original signature on that letter. so you will have to mail it in. I overnighted mine. if they don’t have your original it will hold you up further.keep me posted.

    1. Hey Alicia.
      Just wanted to see if you recieved any good news yet on your claim. Im just waiting. They entered my letter in on the 23rd and said that it could take up to 14 days from then which should be no later than the 9th. So far everything seem to be fine with mine, But as with you time will tell. Keep me posted on your outcome as i will do the same since mine and yours are so very simular.


  10. Hi everyone. Just an update on my status. They paid my small lien off and sent me a check Wednesday for my final payment. Thank God i dont have to deal with them anymore. Good luck to the rest of you with your claims. I would recommend that you all do like i did and call everyday to check on yours and also every other day request a specialist call you back about your claim. Sooner or later they will get tired of you calling and possibly pay your claim. Atleast thats what i did and it worked. I will continue to keep you all updated on any news i hear that might be of interest to you all. Thanks for all efforts and info and that yall gave me. Good Luck, Steve

  11. I was denied my claim so I put in an interim. Now I have investigators knocking at my door and neighbors doors!!

  12. I settled my claim….received an interim payment and the final payment. Now I am being called by people who have identified themselves as FBI and Secret Service. They are also calling people that I know. I reported them to all agencies as well as local police in Bay County. I suggest you all do the same. I highly suggest dropping Mark Rubio a letter as well…..there is no way I am meeting with a man who calls and wants to come to my house to talk to me, and there is really no way that I am going to agree to that after they have lied and misrepresented who they are. PLEASE report these people and write your Senator. Always get the name and phone number of who is calling you…….

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