Hopefully, back tomorrow…

Egads…what do ya get when you move a client’s belongings from the third floor of a burned out building, shovel out of two feet of snow and then wait to do laundry until you have a metric ton?

A thrown back, but an improving one…

See ya tomorrow, unless I do something really stupid today…


3 thoughts on “Hopefully, back tomorrow…

  1. Good morning.. so a guidepost agent called last night at 10pm… how professional. He wants to come over and collect my 2009 and 2010 tax document, my business license, and any advertising for the business. He says they want to make sure it’s a real business. Well I said when u get here and see all my tour vehicles sitting not moving that should also help you. So why couldn’t gccf ask for this why does this guy need to come out to my home for all this? Now I wonder if its safe to give him all this.. this is do strange.

  2. Has anyone with a lien on there final payment been paid yet that any of you know? I cant seem to find out anywhere. Just curious…

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