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  1. I am so disgusted with this whole situation. We have been investigated by the U.S department of Homeland security, cleared of fraud now this Guidepost has our Quick pay information so here we go again another investigation. My husband was working on land building the inside of the offshore boats and there work got really slow he endend up on unemployment. Now he has returned to work at a different job and took a $5.50 cut in pay per hour. It seems like if you try to cheat and lie they pay you right away but if you are a honest worker that should be paid a claim then they look for reasons to deny you. Gccf has every tax paper, checkstub, & unemployment records. Our file i keep for myself is about 5 inches thick. I cant believe this is happening again. I am wondering if we should just go ahead and contact an attorney.

    1. It is increasingly ridiculous to me that Feinberg’s own actions and decisions continue to drive people into the arms of attorneys and understandably, when none of this had to be this way at all, if he had just been fair and transparent with people, rather than all this waiting and wondering with no information…good luck to you, and I hope it is resolved soon…


    1. Agreed…the stories continue and keep building it would seem…almost as fast as people are getting paid…check out the propublica site on the right and click on the “our investigations” tab…they have a lot on the oil spill and a lot of people are sharing there…


  2. Drake, Here is a little info i have uncovered and verified this week. Maybe this will help in contacting or lighting a fire under GGCF ass.Kenneth Feinberg – email is kfeinberg@feinbergrozen.com and the phone #‘s to his law firm are 202-371-1110 and 212-527-9600. The people processing the claims are The Garden City Group and their # is 800-231-4757. I say let’s start posting this info on other sites, making the calls and sending the emails to him directly, perhaps that will speed up the process. Cause it’s obviouse we are not getting any information or anywhere with the “scripted” customer service reps they have answering the phone.

      1. No problem. We are all in this together. I will keep you all posted as i get more info. Thanks for all your help as well Drake.


  3. Just had to let y’all know I emailed Feinberg for whatever its worth. I know it probably won’t even get looked at but I cant stand what they are doing to us or anyone else who has a true claim and is getting treated like this. They need to go after real criminals not hard working people.

  4. I filed for a Full Final Payment and I received an offer. I accepted the offer over two months ago. I had been waiting and calling about the Covenant not to Sue and they all said that it should be coming to me. I find out 2 days ago that Guide Post Solutions is doing extra review and when they finish, I should receive the Covenant not to Sue. Has this happened to anyone else? How long should this take? I have not received any phone calls or visits from Guide Post and I am in limbo. I am not sure what I should do next?!

  5. I called GCCF yesterday to ask about my status. The person on the phone said that even though they sent me and offer and I accepted it, it does not mean much unless they accept my acceptance of the offer?!?! I am confused as to why they would offer me money and then say we do not accept that. They say it is still under EXTRA review and that I can call back later to check on the status…STILL WAITING…

  6. I contacted Guidepost Solutions. I am not sure who I talked to, but I called the location in Dallas, Texas. The representative told me that their review had been completed in July. They sent their findings to GCCF on July 13, 2011. I called the Specialist Department of GCCF and they did not see an update or anything. I then called the general GCCF number and she said that it was still under review but that she did see that documentation has been received on the 13th of July. But she did not know what the documents were about. I am going to become more aggressive about the results after the 13th of August. Just to give them 30 days to review the documentation and send information to me.

  7. I took a final settelment last year now guide post contacted me acting like they where bp wanting to settel my husbands claim then I find out they where at fish house we sell to saying trip tickets are out of sequence owner told them to talk to us he called me as soon as they left told me I called guy from goldpost i would not be talking to him should I get attorney for my husband bp claim mine is setteled but there checking me out to why did they not do this befor they paid me

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