3 thoughts on “Hey Ken? The oil’s still there…

  1. http://www.sunherald.com/2011/02/20/2881134/baby-dolphin-deaths-spike-on-gulf.html

    I am just sick, sick. How the hell do these arrogant bastards say things are returning to normal and get away with it? The Gulf will not be back to what it was in my lifetime and probably not my sons either.

    I loved watching the dolphins play in the MS Sound early on summer mornings. Right from the beach, they would come so close. Like they were saying “Hi, life is beautiful, isn’t!?”

    I hope to God as things like this happen more and more, those that are doing the testing are not paid off by BP to say it was the heat or the algae that killed the marine life.

    I had hoped that at some point this year I could go a day or two without even thinking about BP in any way. Fat chance. I don’t think I have ever been so disgusted in my life. They don’t even care what they have done to a vast area of marine life, their own workers, and to business and families in 4 states. They have no sorrow in the least for the devastation they have caused.

    1. BP is but one of many…people, environment, jobs, schools, community are of minor concern if a concern at all…as the director of the agency I work for said yesterday in a conversation, “I grew up in a time of hope and change, where things were getting better, I never thought I would grow old in the age of the robber-barons.”


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