On a more personal note…

Me, at work...

Hello everybody.

No politics today, no Feinberg, no GCCF, no BP, no New Orleans.

This is just from me to you, saying thanks.

When I started this blog last July, I had no idea what I was doing. I was just pissed about the whole Gulf of Mexico oil spill and from my current home up north didn’t feel there was a whole lot I could do about it, that is until someone suggested I start a blog. So, I did and had to learn as I wrote, and I learned a lot. I think you’ll find if you go back to some of the more initial postings, the fact I didn’t know what I was doing at all is quite clear. Over time though, I made more sense of this, and over time I received some help from some of the people up here on the internet, helping with legal, support and technical questions. I’ve even had the good fortune to meet some of the people I began communicating with up here, on those days I’ve had the good fortune to be in New Orleans.

It’s all been a positive experience, and all the people who have helped and read and commented on the postings over the past nine months have made it that way.

So, thanks…

All of you are appreciated.

Just check the websites on the right side of the page…a lot of the people who’ve helped are there.

Keep reading, keep learning and stick together everybody. We’re all we got and what we got is strong and getting stronger.

Good luck and thanks again…


3 thoughts on “On a more personal note…

      1. Just beginning to read some of the interesting pieces that you are writing. I appreciate your unique spin on current issues. By the way I think its okay too because I am a social worker as well. Your take on things could at times be linked to the burnt-out SW within? Mmmmmm? It appears that underneath all of your hard work in your chosen professions could be driven by the fact that you are an SW underneath it all which shapes your world view. From one possible burnt-out SW to another possible burnt-out SW I must say that SW burn-out may be fueling intelligent writing that appeals to the masses. I assume that being the cynical writer that you are you will hate me for saying something corny like “Oh, well see, something good can be derived from something bad”. Well, cynic or not, you got it going on Drake!

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