7 thoughts on “BP, Feinberg and the Federal Government against the Gulf Coast…

  1. Someone must step in and help us. We have now wasted 10 months trying to work within a claims process that was never set up to succeed. We have chased around trying to learn the rules, when there were no rules written; provide the documentation requested, over and over and over again; only to receive a form letter stating “your claim has been denied.” If only every judge, attorney and elected official could personally feel the level of frustration this system has caused. Mental Health officials are documenting case after case of emotional stress being caused by the claims process…not the oil spill…the claims process! Never in my wildest dreams would I ever have thought that as tax paying, hard working American citizens we would be left to the hands of a huge corporation to determine how our communities, our economy, our way of life will be “made whole.” I’ve never been so ashamed of my government as I am today.

    1. My sentiments exactly. Our elected officials sit idle by while BP/GCCF rapes and pillages the citizenry and businesses of the Gulf Coast. We have no advocate.

  2. the gulf states need to get orgnized spring break is almost here we could give all the college students FUBP bumper stickers to take back home with them.

  3. BP and Feinberg are Brilliant. They suckered the USCG and the EPA into their web of deceit and corruption by having them approve the use and application of hazardous and dangerous chemicals as, or more damaging, than the surface oil would have been. Obama allowed BP to make it “appear” HE appointed Feinberg. Now the Government, who is NOT EXEMPT from the Clean Water Act and Superfund Liability, is very likely as liable for the long term damage the dispersants are causing. The USCG will not even respond to legitimate questions via their email site. BRILLIANT INDEED! BP is busy packing up and laughing at us while they leave us with huge mats of oil buried just beneath our sandbars. BP knew the oil mats were there months ago when they “worked with” NOAA and said “The Coast is Clear”! Blatant Lies..better than Tokyo Rose! Interestingly, BP’s greatest financial liability is for loss of value.
    OPA law does not exempt diminution but GCCF blatantly refuses to even process said claims. GCCF is following OPA Law??? I don’t think so. Maybe we are acting like the fools they are making us out to be, by accepting their and KF’s narcissism!

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