Wall Street…

And when I'm elected President, I promise that not only will I refuse to look into the rear view mirror at each and every one of you, I promise to break off the whole damn mirror!

Yeah…why not?

Those days of marching on capitols becoming so passe (in about a week or so), perhaps its time to take this straight to the robber barons themselves, for if the SEC and the politicians are so unwilling to do anything anymore, to smile and hire the investment banker CEO’s instead of put them in prison, all the while they express false empathy and expect the American people to just, take it…is it time then for the American people to do for themselves what needs to be done?

How about closing down Wall Street and blocking the entrance to the New York Stock Exchange for starters…because in order to pay off the people who work there, it is your wages that are going down, your schooling becoming more expensive, your bus fare increasing, your medical bills climbing, your home insurance rates rising…so many lives, slipping through government budgets in order to give money to those who already have too much for promises they won’t keep. You promise to create jobs? You promise to promote lending? You promise to keep your premiums to a minimum?

Yes, yes and yes they say, but, no, nothing of the sort…

Read this:

Senate Democrats Meet to Find More Cuts For Long Term Funding Deal With GOP

Democrats sell out the poor and middle class, sell out Main Street, sell out working people, again.

Or this:

Obama Has No Plans To Visit Wisconsin

Despite this…

Flashback from candidate Obama: “I’ll walk the picket line with you”

What’s that?

A politician lied?

Yeah, I know…big surprise, but as long as we consider the lie of a politician to be an old joke, so will they.

So fine, shut down lower Manhattan, Wall Street, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange….you know, the seats of power our elected leaders pay attention too, at least until the democrats or republicans start to fulfill the social contract with the people of their country, and not just the banks, the financial industry, the energy conglomerates…etc.

And while we’re all there, perhaps we could pay a visit to Ken Feinberg’s New York law firm…you know, stop in and have a chat.

It’s a thought…

Sleep well.

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