And now, a word from our sponsors…I’m having a “moment” version.

And now, a word from our sponsors…

Gave Up – Nine Inch Nails, featuring Marilyn Manson

The hidden subtext?


“Throw it away…Throw it away…Throw it away…”

Kinda seems what our national politicians are doing these days. The political process is threatening women, children, the environment, life…politicians out there are actually doing detective work on miscarriages to make sure they weren’t secret abortions?  The poor and middle class are getting screwed again. Teachers are told to sacrifice while the Wall Street assholes who screwed the entire economy are getting paid. Unemployed tea partiers put their head in the gallows and cheer the blade as it falls. And the same conservative financial rapists now coming back for seconds are celebrated by Fox News viewers because the TV told them fraud is good and man, thinking for oneself is so, so tired. 

The logic of all this is as dead as the globe.


Well, I’m torn between my social worker instincts that give a damn about people and their suffering, versus my own sense of antisocial disgust that screams, “You voted in these morons who are allowing the next great Rock n Roll swindle, so ya get what you deserve!” But, as always, when the moment passes and compassion returns, so too does the recognition that we have to be there for our community, we have to because nobody else is guarding the outhouse for us, not anymore.

“We all get to heaven on the arm of someone we’ve helped”

– Neal Cassady

Have a nice day.

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